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Articles by Brigitta Greene (68)

University News

Hicks ’11 killed in biking accident

July 26, 2010 Comments are Disabled

Paige Hicks ’11 was killed July 20 while leading a cross-country bike trip, raising money for affordable housing.

University News

After fiscal storm, a slow return to strength

May 30, 2010 Comments are Disabled

As Brown’s budget guru and planner extraordinaire, Beppie Huidekoper runs a tight ship. Her desk is covered with memos and documents, her schedule a solid block of appointments. But despite her chronic optimism, the aftermath of the recent financial crisis has proved a challenge to even this most seasoned of administrators.


Thinking freely and radically

April 29, 2010 Comments are Disabled

Every other Tuesday evening, members of Brown Freethought assemble at 5:30 on the third floor of Wilson Hall, united by a common interest in skepticism and rationalism.


With Brown’s Zen group, focusing on breathing

April 29, 2010 Comments are Disabled

There is no “correct” style to sit on the Zafu. The plump meditation cushion ­— filled with buckwheat or kapok fiber ­— can be firm or soft. It can placed directly on the floor or on a zabuton — a stuffed floor mat to cushion the knees and the ankles. Legs can be cross-legged or folded directly beneath.


Blue State ‘brewing’ two new locations

March 25, 2010 Comments are Disabled

The order is simple: coffee, black. Alex Payson ‘03.5 doesn’t miss a beat.


Special: The knowledge economy in profile

March 11, 2010 Comments are Disabled

The two words have become something of a magic catchphrase for Providence’s future. Say “knowledge economy” — with the perfect combination of hope and awe — around City officials, University administrators and local entrepreneurs, and watch the glimmer flicker across their eyes.


Film festival brings the arts to Providence kids

February 18, 2010 Comments are Disabled

A tower of miniature cupcakes, flutes of sparkling apple cider, a visit from the mayor and — of course — bags upon bags of fresh, buttery popcorn. After almost a year of planning and with hundreds of kids squirming in their seats, the first annual Providence Children’s Film Festival officially kicked off Friday night at Providence’s Cable Car Cinema.

Higher Ed

Farmers’ market shopping is a SNAP

February 18, 2010 Comments are Disabled

A first trip to the Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers’ Market can be overwhelming, especially to a shopper on a budget. But now, thanks to continued efforts by Farm Fresh Rhode Island and state advocacy groups, even those on the tightest of budgets can “dig in.”


Restored streets to connect Jewelry District to downtown

February 11, 2010 Comments are Disabled

As final demolition begins on the old Interstate 195, design plans for city streets are nearing completion.


Agent: no Pauly D in the PVD anytime soon

February 1, 2010 Comments are Disabled

Despite rumors, DJ Pauly D — one of the stars of MTV’s popular reality TV show “Jersey Shore” — will not be making any scheduled appearances in Providence until May of this year, according to Michael Schweiger, his agent.

Multimedia by Brigitta Greene (1)