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Articles by Brown Students for Justice in Palestine (3)


SJP: Petitioning against Hillel is not anti-Semitic

March 21, 2016 37 comments

Two weeks ago, a coalition of students wrote to Janet Mock, petitioning her to reconsider the Brown/RISD Hillel sponsorship of her March 21 talk.


SJP: A Call to Action: Protest the Douglas/Sharansky Lecture

January 28, 2016 322 comments

Today Jan. 28, Michael Douglas and Natan Sharansky will be coming to Brown for a lecture devoted to spreading “hasbara” (propaganda) on college campuses.


Brown Students for Justice in Palestine: ‘Academic freedom’ in an unfree world

February 13, 2014 120 comments

It is ironic that the defense of academic freedom by the critics of the ASA has taken the form of the criminalization of dissent in universities.