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Articles by Caelyn Pender (58)

Ethel Tremaine Robinson overcame severe racism and sexism in order to become Brown’s first Black female alum in 1905, when she graduated from the University with honors.

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Brown’s first Black female graduate: Ethel Robinson’s legacy on College Hill

February 11, 2021 0 comments
This article is part of the series Celebrating Black history at Brown

Life at Brown had been changing rapidly at the turn of the 20th century.  A decade before, in 1891, University President Elisha Benjamin Andrews, class of 1870, began his quest to admit women to Brown for the first time.

President Paxson sees the search for a new DPS chief as an opportunity for the  University to “take a more expansive view” about the future of the DPS.

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BUCC members discuss selection of new DPS chief

February 10, 2021 0 comments

Members of the University’s administration and student body discussed the selection process and criteria for a new chief of Public Safety at the Brown University Community Council meeting Feb. 10. 

The Corporation meets three times a year and has ultimate say over everything from dorm designs to tuition.

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Corporation approves creation of Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, resumption of dorm development

February 9, 2021 0 comments

The Corporation — the University’s highest governing body  — reviewed initiatives and plans for the upcoming year, ranging from the creation of an art initiative to the formalization of an internal Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, during its February meetings.

The Corporation approved salary increases for faculty and staff beginning July 1, ending the University’s salary freeze.

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Corporation approves 2.85 percent tuition increase

February 8, 2021 0 comments

The Corporation — the University’s highest governing body — approved a 2.85 percent tuition increase for undergraduate and most graduate programs at a Feb. 5 meeting, marking the smallest annual tuition increase in more than a decade, according to a University press release. 

George Washington Milford and Inman Page, Class of 1877, were the University's first Black graduates.

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“Genius is not always the gift of those in fortunate circumstances”: Brown’s first Black graduates

February 4, 2021 1 comment
This article is part of the series Celebrating Black history at Brown

On a Wednesday in June 1877, a procession of hundreds of students, alumni and community members marched across the campus of Brown University. Led by a marching band and a Providence sheriff, they crossed College, Benefit, Waterman and Main streets on the way to the First Baptist Meeting House. 

Paxson began her tenure Jan. 1 as chair of the Boston Federal Reserve's board of directors after previously serving as deputy chair.

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Paxson selected to chair Boston Federal Reserve board of directors

January 25, 2021 0 comments

University President Christina Paxson P’19 was selected to serve as the chair of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank’s board of directors, the Federal Reserve Board announced Dec. 23. Her position began Jan. 1.  Paxson, an expert on economics and public policy, has served on the Boston Fed’s board of directors […]

President Trump’s Sept. 22 executive order could withhold federal funding from schools offering diversity and inclusion programs.

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Brown encourages federal court to block executive order on race and sex stereotyping

December 4, 2020 0 comments

The University filed a Nov. 23 amicus brief to encourage a federal court to block President Trump’s Sept. 22 executive order, which intends to combat “race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating.” 

All lockouts and wellness checks during business hours will be carried out by the Office of Residential Life instead of DPS, administrators said at a Nov. 18 BUCC meeting as part of a larger conversation about DPS and public safety on campus.

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Current DPS role, lockout protocol, body cameras among policing policy raised at BUCC meeting

November 18, 2020 0 comments

Members of the University’s administration and student body discussed current safety practices, changes to dorm lockout policies and an external DPS review among other aspects of campus safety at a Brown University Community Council meeting Nov. 18. 

Rhode Island’s name will no longer include “plantations” after a referendum passed to remove the word on Tuesday, ending a decade-long push.

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Rhode Island changes state name to remove ‘Providence Plantations’

November 5, 2020 2 comments

Successfully ending a campaign that began over 10 years ago, a referendum to remove “Providence Plantations” from the state name of Rhode Island passed on Tuesday with a vote of 52.9 percent approval, according to the Rhode Island Board of Elections.

President Christina Paxson P’19 will serve as chair of the AAU under Barbara R. Snyder, the association’s president. Paxson’s appointment marks the first time that two women have simultaneously held the AAU’s top two positions.

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Paxson elected chair of Association of American Universities

October 27, 2020 1 comment

President Christina Paxson P’19 was elected chair of the Association of American Universities’ Board of Directors Tuesday, according to an AAU press release.

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