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Articles by Chaz Firestone (82)

Deval Patrick on the Jena Six and gay marriage

October 3, 2007 0 comments

Americans often believe government is the enemy, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick told a half-full Salomon 101 last night, but the 51-year-old politician repeatedly insisted that Americans’ true enemy, as evidenced by current foreign policy, is fear.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to speak tonight

October 2, 2007 0 comments

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will deliver the fifth Governor Frank Licht Lecture tonight at 7 p.m. in Salomon 101. Patrick, a Democrat, is the second elected African-American governor in U.S. history and was sworn into office in January after a career of legal practice in the public and private sectors.

First online registration period draws to a close

September 20, 2007 0 comments

After two weeks, over 50,000 classes added or dropped and countless 5-minute time-outs, the campus has survived its first shopping period using online course registration.

Prof. Ken Miller: life as science’s media darling

September 19, 2007 0 comments

Ken Miller ’70 P’02 is a professor of biology at Brown and a nationally-recognized expert on evolution, having testified in the controversial 2005 trial, Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, involving the teaching of intelligent design in public schools in Pennsylvania.

Hickey ’08 squashes ‘Banner’ bug

September 18, 2007 0 comments

Imagine you have just logged into your Banner account. Moments later, you receive an e-mail that reads “check out this cool video!” followed by an innocent-looking hyperlink. You click the link as your Banner window sits in the background, but the site doesn’t seem to load, so you shrug it off and continue with Banner, registering for that last class you had been shopping.

First-years test Banner registration

September 12, 2007 0 comments

First-years were slated to register for classes all at once on Tuesday afternoon. Though upperclassmen pre-registered for fall classes in April using the electronic Banner system, the class of 2011 is the University’s first to select their freshmen courses online.

Cafe planned in bookstore overhaul

September 4, 2007 0 comments

Changes to the Brown Bookstore that will see the construction of a cafe, a revamped community outreach program and an online textbook ordering service are underway and on schedule, says Bookstore Director Manny Cunard.

Parents urge U. to build temporary pool for aquatics programs

May 10, 2007 0 comments

WEB UPDATE: Parents with ties to Brown’s aquatics programs, including the primary donors to the Smith Swim Center’s recent renovation, are reacting to news that the center will be closed indefinitely due to irreversible structural damage.

Pulitzer-winner Maraniss shares Roberto Clemente’s mythology

April 25, 2007 0 comments

A black Puerto Rican, Clemente emerged from the cloud of racism that enveloped the United States in the Jim Crow-era to become one of the greatest right fielders in Major League Baseball history, David Maraniss told a small but attentive crowd last night.

Banner pre-registration begins today with rising seniors

April 24, 2007 0 comments

After months of anticipation, training and protests, pre-registration with the electronic Banner system begins today at 8 a.m. as rising seniors are given access to the system’s registration module. Rising juniors will be able to register Wednesday at 8 a.m., and rising sophomores Thursday.