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Articles by DAISY GOLDSTEIN (15)

Dana Goldstein ’06: Work and motherhood: a Brown study

October 26, 2005 Comments are Disabled

What do women want to be when they grow up?

Do women have opinions?

September 12, 2005 Comments are Disabled

This semester, you’ll see four female writers contributing regularly to this opinions page – Maha Atal ’08, Laura Martin ’06, Courtney Jenkins ’07 and myself. That’s four writers out of a current stable of 16 regular columnists. Last semester, the figure was the same.

Old white guys on ‘diversity’

April 25, 2005 Comments are Disabled

One embattled knight, Spenser wrote, was “diverst” as his opponent “forth rode.”

Between minimum wage and a moral conscience

March 9, 2005 Comments are Disabled

In our consumption culture, buying and not buying are becoming preferred modes of activism. Isn’t it easier, after all, to boycott labor-abusing Wal-Mart than to lobby for a national living wage? Anti-Bush groups tried – and failed – to organize a zero-consumption day to coincide with the president’s second inauguration, hoping that pro-democracy masses would terrify Wall Street and send stock prices raining down on Bush’s parade.

Gender offender?

February 15, 2005 Comments are Disabled

We rarely stop to consider the lack of women serving in government.

Task force overhauls Museum structure, searches for new director

November 18, 2004 Comments are Disabled

The task force began its work by creating a new mission and “vision” statement for the Museum that defined the institution as belonging to an internationally recognized art and design school, but having an independent identity as an innovative leader in its field.

Top supermarket

November 2, 2004 Comments are Disabled

You will go through a Whole Foods stage, infatuated with the huge selection of tofu consistencies. Then you will graduate to East Side Marketplace, realizing that a supermarket isn’t worthy of the name if it doesn’t stock carbonated sugar water made by evil corporations.

As Iraq conflict continues, young voters wonder if a draft is coming

October 29, 2004 Comments are Disabled

According to an Annenberg Center poll conducted in early October, 51 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 believe Bush favors reinstating a draft, while only 8 percent believe Kerry does.

Ball ’82, award-winning author, to speak this afternoon

October 5, 2004 Comments are Disabled

The University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice continues its program tonight with a lecture by Edward Ball ’82, the National Book Award-winning author of “Slaves in the Family.”

Franklin: Contemporary discussions of race should be rooted in history

September 22, 2004 Comments are Disabled

For a man who has dedicated his life to researching, writing and teaching about race in America, John Hope Franklin says he seldom stops to note a person’s skin color. “I myself, I go for a long time without even thinking about race,” said the celebrated historian, chair of President Bill Clinton’s Presidential Initiative on Race and winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.