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Elaina Wang is currently a Metro senior staff writer at The Herald. As a contributing writer, she had also written extensively for both science and research and university news beats. Elaina is an immunobiology concentrator from San Ramon, California, and some of her favorite things include blackfish, classical music and controversial ideas — such as those of Peter Singer and Ayn Rand. When not writing for The Herald, she can be found reading The New York Times or perusing novels for leisure. She most highly recommends Oliver Twist, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Shipping News and Atlas Shrugged.

Articles by Elaina Wang (23)


More infants born with prior exposure to alcohol, drugs

April 23, 2015 Comments are Disabled

The rate of babies being born with neonatal abstinence syndrome in Rhode Island has doubled between 2006 and 2013.

The so-called Airbnb tax aims to create equity in the state tax code between alternative property rental platforms and traditional hotels.


New tax targets Airbnb-style rentals

April 16, 2015 Comments are Disabled

Companies that provide alternative lodging have not traditionally paid lodging taxes but will face a 13 percent tax if Raimondo’s budget proposal is passed.

Report highlights factors behind state unemployment

Graphics, Metro

Report highlights factors behind state unemployment

April 9, 2015 4 comments

Rhode Island continues to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation as a result of education, household wealth and unemployment benefits.

Rhode Island School of Design technicians form picket lines during ongoing contract negotiations. Some students elected to join the lines while others respected their cause from afar.


RISD tech strike impedes academics

April 6, 2015 Comments are Disabled

Forty-four RISD technicians have been on strike since Thursday, shutting down many of the school’s studios and impeding access to certain buildings.


Bill seeks to raise legal tobacco purchase age to 21

April 3, 2015 Comments are Disabled

After being introduced in February, the bill entered the hearings last week, spurring debate between medical professionals and other interested parties.

“My reaction was one of complete excitement,” said newly-appointed Amanda Walsh. “I think that Brown can really be a leader in this area.”

University News

Brown hires first-ever Title IX program officer

April 3, 2015 8 comments

Amanda Walsh, staff attorney at the Victim Rights Law Center, has been appointed the University’s first-ever, full-time Title IX program officer.

State ACLU points to prejudiced policing


State ACLU points to prejudiced policing

March 4, 2015 Comments are Disabled
This article is part of the series Playground to Prison

A new ACLU report outlines the disproportionate rates at which state police choose to search, arrest and incarcerate non-white versus white citizens.

The RIHPHC will seek to incorporate the history of black College Hill residents into the National Register of Historic Places.


R.I. receives grant to research black history on College Hill

February 18, 2015 Comments are Disabled

A $25,000 grant to research black history on College Hill may help broaden the diversity of property listed under the National Register of Historic Places.


Committee releases preliminary proposal for R.I. public schools

February 4, 2015 Comments are Disabled

A first draft of a strategic plan for the Rhode Island Department of Education was released Monday by the newly-formed Ambassador Design Team.

As trial over pension reform nears, past controversies resurface


As trial over pension reform nears, past controversies resurface

January 30, 2015 15 comments

Unions representing public employees filed suit in the Rhode Island Superior Court in June 2012: The case is set to go before a jury this April.

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