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Articles by Emily Doglio (13)


Providence schools to undergo renovations

April 22, 2014 Comments are Disabled

City Council pledged last week to develop a plan to repair Providence school buildings.


R.I. bill aims to help adults finish college degree online

April 8, 2014 1 comment

Rep. Joseph McNamara proposed legislation March 19 to create a three-year pilot program for Rhode Island adults to complete their college degrees online.

ACLU finds racial gap in R.I. student suspensions


ACLU finds racial gap in R.I. student suspensions

April 1, 2014 Comments are Disabled

Black and Hispanic students made up about 30% of students in R.I. school districts during the 2012-13 school year and over 50% of out-of-school suspensions.


Prof. examines behaviors, outcomes for detained youth

March 13, 2014 Comments are Disabled

Assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior received a grant to examine the prevalence of risk behaviors in formerly incarcerated R.I. juveniles.

Seth Magaziner ’06, a candidate for R.I. general treasurer, tells students to consider social and political factors that may affect investments.


General treasurer candidate advises student investors

March 5, 2014 Comments are Disabled

“I think we are due for a shake-up,” said Seth Magaziner ’06, candidate for Rhode Island general treasurer.


Children’s film festival showcases young voices, themes

February 25, 2014 Comments are Disabled

The annual festival included an official program featuring short films made by children under 18, both independently and through PCFF workshops.

Fewer alums volunteer for Peace Corps

University News

Fewer alums volunteer for Peace Corps

February 21, 2014 Comments are Disabled

The University failed to make the list of the top 25 medium-sized colleges and universities sending graduates to the Peace Corps.

R.I. receives low marks in tobacco prevention


R.I. receives low marks in tobacco prevention

February 6, 2014 4 comments

R.I. received an F in “tobacco prevention” and a D in “cessation coverage,” despite receiving A grades for its “smokefree air” and “cigarette tax.”

The bill seeks to address the environmentally dubious practice of disposing waste in landfills, develop a market for composting businesses and create a variety of green jobs.


Proposed bill focuses on increasing composting

January 30, 2014 Comments are Disabled

Rep. Walsh proposed a bill that would “attack the food waste issue” by requiring large facilities to donate their waste or divert it to compost facilities.

Science & Research

On World AIDS Day, researchers work toward goal of ‘zero new infections’

December 6, 2013 Comments are Disabled

Recent advances helped slow the transmission rate and improved quality of life for patients.