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Articles by Emily Teng (33)

From Dec. 21 to Jan. 31, List Art Center hosted exhibitions curated by VISA concentrators. Students took the opportunity to express themes important to their identities through their artwork using a variety of mediums, including photography, videography and collage.

Arts & Culture

Visual Art Department offers students opportunity to curate exhibitions

January 31, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Students from the Brown Department of Visual Art showcased their artwork in exhibitions at the List Art Center.

The exhibition at RISD’s Student Exhibitions Gallery, titled “In the Mood for Love” after the 2000 film of the same name, features multimedia works from animation to photography.

Arts & Culture

Exhibition explores how Asian identity intersects with life experiences

December 7, 2018 Comments are Disabled

“He remembers those vanished years. As though looking through a dusty windowpane, the past is something he could see, but not touch. And everything he sees is blurred and indistinct.”

Poet Stacy Szymaszek discusses mundanity

Arts & Culture

Poet Stacy Szymaszek discusses mundanity

November 5, 2018 Comments are Disabled

The lights were dimmed down with only a single spotlight cast upon Stacy Szymaszek. Other than the occasional grins and brief chuckles from the audience seats, the only sound cutting through the air was her voice.

Multimedia by Emily Teng (15)