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Articles by Fatima Aqeel (5)


Fatima Aqeel ’12: To go or not to go (to class)

November 30, 2009 Comments are Disabled

Several high schools, mine included, have a requirement for the number of days of school a student attends. The student’s failure to meet this requirement is ultimately recorded on his or her transcript, and this then finds its way to the colleges to which the student applies.


Fatima Aqeel ’12: The media tool

November 13, 2009 Comments are Disabled

The content of newspapers can have an impact on the state of affairs in a country, on what foreigners think of a country and on the country’s reputation as a whole.


Fatima Aqeel ’12: Life in the SciLi

October 27, 2009 Comments are Disabled

A few basic improvements could be made to the library in order to facilitate good studying.


Fatima Aqeel ’12: For the love of animals, and of meat

October 15, 2009 Comments are Disabled

It is somewhat strange that I can never associate a cooked chicken on my plate with a walking, clucking chicken that I would otherwise never hurt with my own hands. It just doesn’t inspire the same warm fuzzy feeling.


Fatima Aqeel ’12: The election race

April 21, 2009 Comments are Disabled

As the election period for the Undergraduate Student Council here at Brown drew closer, many students eating at the dining halls were confronted by their peers in UCS who were hunting for signatures.