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Johnson ’14: Litter in the ivory tower

November 20, 2011 Comments are Disabled

There is almost nothing more disgusting than a college student wearing a “Save the Whales” t-shirt as he drops his glass beer bottle on the street. No one likes a hypocrite.


Bruno goes winless in West Coast matchups

October 27, 2010 Comments are Disabled

It wasn’t exactly a dream vacation. The No. 20 men’s water polo team (14-9) dropped all five of its games at the Santa Clara Rodeo Invitational last weekend. Bruno lost to No. 15 California Baptist University (24-5) 9-3, No. 11 University of California at Davis (15-7) 9-6, Air Force (9-13) 11-10, No. 13 Santa Clara University (17-9) 16-9, and No. 7 University of the Pacific (12-6) 16-9.