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Articles by Grayson Lee (28)

Sarah Marion ’19 (above) was one of the eight performers in this year’s Spring StorySlam, hosted by the Brown University Storytellers. The event aimed to provide community and a space for students to share their stories.

Arts & Culture

Spring StorySlam features eight powerful senior storytellers

April 23, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Eight seniors performed dramatic tellings of their own true stories in this year’s Spring StorySlam, an event hosted by the Brown University Storytellers club.

In Fermata’s largest concert, performers showcased music from student composers, which included solo pieces, ensemble pieces, sound recordings and video in a variety of genres.

Arts & Culture

Students unveil compositions at Fermata’s spring concert

April 17, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Student composers took center stage Monday night, filling Grant Recital Hall with sounds ranging from classical to jazz to electronic.

The play was written by Japanese playwright Toshiki Okada and translated by Aya Ogawa, the translator of over a dozen of Okada’s works. Several different actors portray the show’s two protagonists at the same time, which Ogawa noted made translation difficult. Sock and Buskin’s show will run at Leeds Theatre through Sunday, April 14.

Arts & Culture

Sock and Buskin play explores identity, technology with complex structure

April 9, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Sock and Buskin’s production of “The Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise,” now showing at Leeds Theatre through April 14, uses a University setting and fragmented narration to touch on themes of alienation, technology, identity and the mundanity of everyday life.

Oing, a University alum, discussed the relationship between humans, puppets and cyborgs in the context of the late Middle Ages.

Arts & Culture

Alum studies medieval puppets, cyborgs

April 8, 2019 Comments are Disabled

The worlds of medieval Christianity and science fiction collided in a lecture by Michelle Oing ’07 last Thursday evening.

Jillian Davis, company member of Complexions Contemporary Ballet, taught a masterclass last Wednesday as part of the Artists and Scientists as Partners 2019 Symposium.

Arts & Culture

Ballet masterclass unites people of different backgrounds, levels

March 19, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Last Wednesday, Jillian Davis of Complexions Contemporary Ballet led students and community members with mixed levels of dance experience through a ballet masterclass.

Shayna Toh ’20 began writing “Firefly in the Light,” a pop-rock musical, when she was 17 years old.  Toh previously shared the musical with audiences in New York and Singapore.

Arts & Culture

‘Firefly in the Light’ depicts youth’s search for fame

March 13, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Production Workshop presented “Firefly in the Light” last weekend, an earnest pop-rock musical composed, directed and written by Shayna Toh ’20 that probes “the many competing life options which await every young and older person,” according to the show’s website.

Nandita Das shares motivation behind ‘Manto’ biopic

Arts & Culture

Nandita Das shares motivation behind ‘Manto’ biopic

March 12, 2019 Comments are Disabled

“A story humanizes the other. … Suddenly you see that unknown, and it’s a person,” said Nandita Das, director and writer of the 2018 biopic “Manto,” last Thursday evening at the Center for Contemporary South Asia’s screening of the film.

Meghan Sullivan, professor of philosophy at Notre Dame, argued for the moral obligation to love everyone during an event hosted by the Veritas Forum and the Program for Ethical Inquiry.

News, University News

Visiting professor presents philosophical argument for universal love

March 5, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Although the command to “love your neighbor as yourself” is often considered impractical, Meghan Sullivan, a professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, sought to defend universal love, or the “love imperative,” at a forum last Friday evening.

Archaeological illustrations by Flannery McIntyre ‘19 depict ancient artifacts from the Joukowsky Institute’s vault. The Archaeological Illustration Club trains students to meticulously draw objects from the past and present.

Arts & Culture

Archeological Illustration Club promotes observation, drawing skills

February 26, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Every Thursday, the Archaeological Illustration Club meets at the Joukowsky Institute to meticulously draw ancient and contemporary objects. Archeological illustration is the process of observing and drawing items in detail, a skill often used on archeological digs. “There’s something to be said for this quite old-fashioned method of paying close […]

Fusion, a student dance company, performed in Alumnae Hall for their 36th Annual Spring Show this past weekend. The show featured several styles of music and dance, including modern, hip-hop and jazz.

Arts & Culture

Fusion dancers perform in 36th spring show

February 26, 2019 Comments are Disabled

Despite a small fire during their final performance, Fusion Dance Company presented a stylistically diverse and unceasingly energetic 36th Annual Spring Show last weekend.

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