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Isobel served as a senior editor on The Herald's 125th editorial board in 2015. Before assuming this role, she was a science and research editor and a senior staff writer with the science and research beat. Isobel is a cognitive science concentrator, focusing on social development in young children. Originally from Massachusetts, Isobel enjoys pescatarian cooking, traveling to new places (especially beaches), the Red Sox and swimming.

Articles by Isobel Heck (44)


Toy company to relocate to downtown Providence

December 4, 2012 2 comments

Hasbro, Inc. is expected to move into a newly-renovated building on LaSalle Street in downtown Providence Jan. 2, bringing 284 new full-time jobs and $24 million in investments to the city in the process.

University News

Concerns persist as grade distribution remains steady

November 19, 2012 1 comment

The distribution of undergraduate grades has remained consistent in recent years, with the proportion of As fluctuating between 53 and 55 percent since the 2008-09 academic year, according to data released by the Office of Institutional Research. About 53 percent of grades received last year were As, 22 percent were Bs, and 4 percent were Cs. Out of those students taking classes S/NC last year, about 88 percent – or 17 percent of total grades given – received an S, boosting the proportion of students receiving the highest possible grade in a course to 71 percent. 

Arts & Culture

Horror fest showcases international films

October 31, 2012 Comments are Disabled

The Kuwaiti film “Wonderland, A True Story” compares Kuwait to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland through the perspective of Alice, who finds her way around a modern Middle Eastern fantasy world in search of someone who can turn the ace of cards back into a one. The film, one of 63 showcased in this year’s FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival, integrates the plot of “Alice in Wonderland” into modern issues of bureaucracy and government. 


Poll finds increased support for same-sex marriage

October 17, 2012 1 comment

WPRI poll results released Oct. 1 show that 56 percent of Rhode Island voters are in favor of same-sex marriage and only 36 percent are in opposition.

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