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Articles by Jamie Brew (10)


First-year’s startup aids charities

January 30, 2012 Comments are Disabled

Two C’s outline a pair of stylized cherries on the bright red background of a business card-sized shape. This is the design of the CherryCard, and a simple, elegant logo for a company whose basic philosophy is just as simple­ — every time money changes hands, some of it should go to charity. As a senior in high school, Noah Fradin ’15 started CherryCard with the goal of encouraging companies to donate to charities.

University News

Simmons’ approval rating down 12 percent

April 7, 2011 Comments are Disabled

President Ruth Simmons’ approval rating fell to 62.5 percent this semester, down from 74 percent last semester, according to last month’s Herald poll.

University News

Ivy schools reinstate early action

March 14, 2011 Comments are Disabled

Harvard and Princeton will allow prospective students to apply through non-binding early action programs beginning this fall, the two schools announced Feb. 24. Both schools cancelled their early action and early decision programs in 2006 in favor of single rounds of admissions in the spring.

University News

Hiroshima survivor calls for peace

February 25, 2011 Comments are Disabled

“As long as we live on this Earth, we have a responsibility to keep it a happy Earth,” said Shigeko Sasamori, a survivor of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, last night during her talk in Salomon 101 about her life and anti-war philosophy. Sasamori was one of 25 Japanese women, known as the Hiroshima Maidens, who were chosen to travel to the United States and receive reconstructive surgery for injuries caused by the bomb.


Via Via becomes Cosa Nostra

November 16, 2010 Comments are Disabled

The Meeting Street building that formerly housed Via Via IV is undergoing renovations and will eventually open under the name Cosa Nostra.

University News

Grant funds research on college readiness

September 20, 2010 Comments are Disabled

Brown’s Annenberg Institute for School Reform will use a $3 million grant to help school districts gauge their students’ preparedness for college.

University News

Census forms due back Friday for students

April 14, 2010 Comments are Disabled

This Friday is the deadline for students to fill out and submit their forms for the 2010 U.S. Census.


Assembly considers decriminalizing pot

February 9, 2010 Comments are Disabled

State Rep. John G. Edwards, D-Dist. 70, introduced a bill last week in the General Assembly that would decriminalize possession of up to one ounce of marijuana.

University News

Earth-friendly light bulb project nears goal

October 19, 2009 Comments are Disabled

How many Brown student groups does it take to change 67,000 light bulbs?Just one. Project 20/20, a student-run program that installs energy-efficient lighting in low-income Providence households, is nearing its goal of replacing the light bulbs in 5,000 homes with compact fluorescent lamps.

University News

Researchers get grant to investigate new OCD treatment

October 13, 2009 Comments are Disabled

Brown professors are among a team of researchers that recently received a $10.5 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to study a new treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.