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Articles by Jean Yves Chainon (16)

Yale elections marred by irregularities

April 19, 2006 Comments are Disabled

This year’s race for president of Yale University’s College Council was marred by multiple campaign violations and incidents of ethical misconduct.

Low-key awards ceremony closes fifth annual Ivy Film Festival

April 10, 2006 Comments are Disabled

About 60 attendees – mainly student and adult filmmakers – were present at the 2006 Ivy Film Festival awards ceremony to honor young filmmakers in Andrews Dining Hall Sunday morning.

Hillary Clinton slideshow

April 10, 2006 Comments are Disabled

Review: PW play offers absurd look at entrance to paradise

March 20, 2006 Comments are Disabled

“Eternity Placement Opportunity” recounts the stories of five unique candidates called upon for an eternal spot in heaven.

RUE group forms board to enhance presence on campus

March 17, 2006 Comments are Disabled

Though there are often fewer than 10 Resumed Undergraduate Education students admitted to the University each year, members of this segment of the Brown community boast a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences.

UMass implements new drinking regulations to clean up rowdy ‘Zoo Mass’ image

February 15, 2006 Comments are Disabled

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst is trying to shed its “Zoo Mass” reputation. Students at the university returned to campus after winter break to discover campus police vigorously enforcing new rules that, among other things, prohibit kegs, beer bongs and all forms of drinking games on campus.

Lomax pushes for student activism to remedy social inequality

February 7, 2006 Comments are Disabled

In last night’s 10th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture, Michael Lomax expressed his hope that “the real development that comes with education” will disrupt a “cycle of poverty” that exists in contemporary American society.


January 27, 2006 Comments are Disabled

Brown students practiced Tang Soo Do on Thursday night at the T.F. Green building.

Friendly Advice

January 26, 2006 Comments are Disabled

Meiklejohn Maggie Cheney `06 counseled Rebecca Binder `09 in Keeney’s Arnold lounge Wednesday night along with other Meiklejohns and first-year students.

Up-and-coming filmmaker kicks off Native American Heritage Series

November 18, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Though he spoke at Brown’s Native American Heritage Series Convocation Thursday, American Indian film writer and director Larry Blackhorse Lowe told a half-full Smith-Buonanno 106 that the main focus of his work is cinematography, not ethnicity and identity issues.

Multimedia by Jean Yves Chainon (6)