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Articles by Jean Yves Chainon (16)

Fmr. ambassador details U.S.-China relations

November 14, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Former U.S. Ambassador James Lilley spoke about “The Future of U.S. Diplomacy in East Asia” Sunday evening in MacMillan 117, concluding the five-day “Strait Talk” symposium on the future of relations between the United States, China and Taiwan. Lilley said the trend in relations between the three countries is positive, despite frequent disagreements.

‘Red Tent’ author speaks of womanhood, Judaism and writing

November 10, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Best-selling author Anita Diamant discussed her development as a female Jewish writer before a crowd of about 60 people Wednesday night in the chapel at Brown Hillel.

Altar honors U.S. soldiers who died in Iraq

November 7, 2005 1 comment

The Mexican community and its diasporas – including Mexican and Chicano students at Brown – recently celebrated “Dia de los Muertos,” the Day of the Dead, a commemoration celebrated Nov. 1-2, during which the dead are invited to enjoy the living world.

‘Where Art Thou’ is its own question

October 28, 2005 Comments are Disabled

“Where Art Thou,” an exhibit now on display at the Woods Gerry Gallery, takes you on a sculptural journey through the eyes of eight recent Rhode Island School of Design graduates. While you might not enjoy every stop along the way, you will be kept on edge by the unsettling contrasts found between each room, artist and work and the next.

Education dept. begins application process for Urban Education Policy master’s

October 17, 2005 Comments are Disabled

The Education Department has begun receiving applications for its new master’s program in Urban Education Policy, a 12-month course of study that will combine classwork with a nine-month internship. The program, which is being offered in collaboration with the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, expects to enroll between 12 and 15 students beginning in June 2006.

Brown graduate on American theater’s frontstage

October 14, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Sarah Ruhl ’97 MFA ’01 is busy. She is so busy that even Bruce Ostler, her agent, can’t keep up with the wave of urgent messages, pressing phone calls and inquiring letters that has flooded his office – she will not even be available for press interviews until Nov. 13.

Multimedia by Jean Yves Chainon (6)