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Joseph Zappa

Managing Editor and Vice President

Joseph is currently managing editor of The Herald and vice president of its parent company, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc. He previously served as university news editor and senior staff writer on the University Hall beat. He is a junior from Massapequa, NY and studies comparative literature as well as French and Francophone studies. When away from the office, Joe can be found pontificating about Proust and listening to Drake songs on repeat.

Articles by Joseph Zappa (61)

The University dropped charges against a Phi Kappa Psi member alleged to have served a drink containing a date-rape drug. Several people voiced concerns that his ties to the Corporation affected the case’s outcome.

University News

Corporation ties to student accused of serving GHB questioned

March 6, 2015 17 comments

People familiar with the case raised concerns that Brown may have unfairly handled the proceedings due to accused student’s family ties to the Corporation.

Brown drops charges against student accused of serving drink with GHB

University News

Brown drops charges against student accused of serving drink with GHB

March 4, 2015 56 comments

The University will not proceed with a hearing against the Phi Kappa Psi member initially charged with serving a drink containing the date-rape drug GHB.

Since it began 18 years ago, the festival has become a popular Friday night rendezvous destination for students and the Providence community.

Arts & Culture

Film festival celebrates French cinema

February 27, 2015 Comments are Disabled

“It’s a really good first date opportunity,” said Stephen Crocker ’05.5, University multimedia production manager, of the Providence French Film Festival.

University News

Vigil honors UNC shooting victims

February 18, 2015 14 comments

About 75 community members gathered on the Main Green Friday to mourn three Muslim students at the University of North Carolina who were murdered Feb. 11.

University News

This week in higher ed: Feb. 18, 2015

February 18, 2015 Comments are Disabled

Iranians are barred from some UMass Amherst programs. Princeton wins the literary lotto. Yale sanctions fraternity for sexual misconduct.

University News

Companies in common good diversify career opportunities

February 11, 2015 Comments are Disabled

Employers from 81 organizations will ascend College Hill Wednesday at noon to recruit students for summer internships and full-time jobs.

The Corporation, the University’s highest governing body, endorsed a 7.5 percent uptick in the standard room rate at its triannual gathering.

University News

Corp. greenlights 4.4 percent tuition jump

February 9, 2015 22 comments

The Corporation approved a 4.4 percent increase in tuition and fees next academic year, elevating the total undergraduate cost of U. attendance to $62,046.

University News

This Week in Higher Ed: Feb. 3, 2015

February 3, 2015 Comments are Disabled

Dartmouth cracks down on hard liquor, fraternities’ role in party culture, UVA sorority members discouraged from attending fraternity parties.

U. implements sexual assault proposals

University News

U. implements sexual assault proposals

January 23, 2015 18 comments

The new measures mandate that the appeals process last less than 30 days and that all community members undergo regular sexual assault training.

The University cracked down on alcohol service in residential buildings after one incident involving date-rape drugs and 
another involving “inappropriate sexual contact” at two unregistered fraternity parties in October.

University News

Parties with alcohol service barred in residence halls

January 21, 2015 33 comments

Registered events with alcohol will be banned in residential areas, including Greek houses, while Brown reviews its alcohol policies this semester.

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