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Miller: University should safeguard researchers’ independence

September 6, 2018 21 comments

Criticism is part of science — indeed, science couldn’t move forward without it — but sometimes that criticism can be brutal.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Responding to student concerns

March 2, 2016 7 comments

At an open university like ours, what happens in a classroom is always fair game for public discussion.


Cheit, Josephson, Loury, Miller ’70 P’02, Spoehr: Free expression matters

October 15, 2015 42 comments

We strongly support the rights of all who have criticized controversial opinions pieces published by the Wesleyan Argus and The Herald.


Miller: Two cheers for academic freedom at Brown

October 1, 2014 45 comments

A truly open campus can exist only when we do not suppress the voices with which we disagree, however painful or disturbing we may find their messages.


Miller ’70 P’02: Fascism and the open campus

October 31, 2013 170 comments

The crowd who silenced a speaker yesterday accomplished a step towards a closed campus where mob rule determines who can speak and who will be shouted down.