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Science & Research

Ancient form of justice survives in baseball

April 11, 2012 0 comments

What do ninth century Iceland and Boston Red Sox games have in common? According to a recent study by Fiery Cushman, assistant professor of cognitive, linguistic and psychological sciences, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the two have more in common than one might think. The cultures of both ancient Iceland and baseball exhibit vicarious punishment, a form of revenge in which the victim is not personally responsible for the transgression.

University News

BSA offers funds to inspire social change

March 13, 2012 0 comments

The Inspire Fund, Brown Student Agencies’ new funding initiative, offers up to $1,000 for students working on projects to benefit the University or Providence communities, according to the BSA website. 

University News

Fireplace smoke sets off sorority’s alarm

February 29, 2012 0 comments

At an Alpha Chi Omega event the evening of Feb. 13, one of the fireplaces in Sears House became very smoky, setting off the fire alarm. Two AXO sisters had previously attended fireplace safety training, which is required for fireplace use. 

University News

Students head south to research civil rights

February 7, 2012 0 comments

As part of a nearly 50-year-old partnership with Tougaloo College, Brown students will travel to the school in Tougaloo, Miss. this spring break to explore the civil rights movement. Francoise Hamlin, assistant professor of Africana studies, and Maitrayee Bhattacharyya ’91, associate dean for diversity programs, will lead the trip. They will choose approximately four students through an application that was due yesterday.

Arts & Culture

Postcards mark sights and stories of city

February 3, 2012 0 comments

Brunonians looking to soak in the spirit of Providence now do not have to venture far from College Hill. The Postcard Project, currently on display on small shelves lining two walls in the lower level of the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, is a collection of postcards featuring Providence residents’ recollections of areas around Providence.

University News

Program unites cancer patients, athletes

November 9, 2011 0 comments

When Sidney Kushner ’13 watched 11-year-old cancer patient Brett Paterra meet former Pittsburgh Pirates player Jim Rooker for the first time, he felt one step closer to his goal of empowering children with cancer. “Just to see that kid’s eyes light up when the athlete walked in the room makes everything so worth it,” Kushner said.

University News

Med professors teaching in Ghana

October 7, 2011 0 comments

Timothy Flanigan, professor of medicine, recalled the enthusiasm of a Ghanian priest he met at the Sept. 20 launch of the University’s new HIV education initiative, which was born from a partnership between three American universities and the University of Ghana.