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MPAA says it blamed too much on students

January 28, 2008 Comments are Disabled

When it comes to the heated topic of movie piracy, it seems college students are not as criminal as the entertainment industry made them out to be.

Pay as you text? mPay hopes to make cell phones the new credit cards

December 5, 2007 Comments are Disabled

By Leslie Primack Staff Writer You and several friends go out to dinner. The check comes. You glance at each other, cringe and start the unsavory task of breaking twenties and gathering the correct amounts of cash. Now, imagine taking out your cell phone and directly wiring the money to the restaurant, no credit cards or cash necessary.

Taking advantage of the New Curriculum

November 15, 2007 Comments are Disabled

Even when it comes to graduation credits, Brown students don’t fit the mold. Only 19.9 percent of members of the class of 2007 graduated with the standard 32 graduation credits. The majority – 56.7 percent – had fewer, while 23.4 percent earned over 32 credits.

Protesters greet Colombian Ambassador Barco P’10

October 30, 2007 Comments are Disabled

As a band of Brown students picketed outside the Salomon Center last night, Colombian ambassador to the United States Carolina Barco Isakson P’10 spoke about U.S.-Colombian relations and answered students’ frank questions about her country’s cocaine production, paramilitary violence and the controversial free trade agreement being discussed by Colombia and the United States.

Baby geniuses? Speaker goes inside the secret lives of infants

October 19, 2007 Comments are Disabled

Flanked by two 10-foot-tall photographs of smiling babies, guest speaker Carolyn Rovee-Collier PhD’66 delivered a lecture last night on “The Secret Life of Infants.” The Rutgers University professor of psychology described her radical work on infant memory, including her discovery that babies as young as six weeks old can learn and remember.

Xu’s laboratory explores the impossible

October 4, 2007 Comments are Disabled

Tucked away on the fourth floor of Barus and Holley is Brown’s laboratory of impossible technologies. Led by Jimmy Xu, professor of engineering and physics, the lab’s official name is the Laboratory for Emerging Technologies.

U. considers outsourcing student e-mail

September 28, 2007 Comments are Disabled

Three weeks into school, Rajan Kothari ’11 had already filled his Brown e-mail account.