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Articles by Lindsey Meyers (21)

Columns, Commencement 2009

Will fortune favor the brave?

May 21, 2009 Comments are Disabled

While I do not normally hobnob with famous journalists, last summer I had the special opportunity to meet Bob Herbert — the New York Times columnist — when I was an intern on the “Morning Joe” Show at MSNBC news.  After I discussed his commentary on the show that day, […]

Did Al Gore tell a Nobel lie?

October 23, 2007 Comments are Disabled

Though Al Gore is a darling in Hollywood, it seems he just can’t catch a break in court. First, there was that bitter legal disappointment about hanging chads in Florida. Now a High Court judge in London has ruled that his documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” is something less than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Bush leaves his mark – and it’s not Iraq

September 5, 2007 Comments are Disabled

OXFORD – Predicting the judgment of history is no easy task. Even so, I wonder whether President Bush’s most lasting legacy will be the decisions rendered by the new conservative majority of his Supreme Court, rather than the debacle in Iraq. Because Bush has now surpassed Jimmy Carter as the most disliked president in recent history, many wags sardonically conclude that Bush will have no legacy at all.

Barbecues, block parties and campus events make Spring Weekend 2007 a success

April 23, 2007 Comments are Disabled

The long-awaited arrival of spring weather came to Brown on Friday, just in time for the beginning of Spring Weekend, the annual fete of food, frivolity and music.

‘New Directors Festival’ showcases talent of Brown student theater

April 10, 2007 Comments are Disabled

“The New Directors Festival,” produced by Elliot Quick ’07 and James Rutherford ’07, was held over the weekend in the upstairs space at the Production Workshop. The three one-act plays featured in the show – Christopher Durang’s comedy “Wanda’s Visit,” Dael Orlandersmith’s five-part monologue piece “Beauty’s Daughter” and Ernest Hemingway’s dramatic “Hills Like White Elephants” – differed in style and setting.

McNickle ’10: Healing the iPod nation with theater

April 6, 2007 Comments are Disabled

First-years may find it strange to learn that they have an award-winning playwright and an accomplished female director among their ranks. But for those who know Kato McNickle ’10, it isn’t a surprise that she would choose to be the author and arbiter of her own education as a student in the Resumed Undergraduate Education program at Brown.

‘Merrily’ rolls backward through time

March 19, 2007 Comments are Disabled

In one of the most entertaining Brown productions of the season, director Curt Columbus and conductor Paul Phillips, senior lecturer in music, ably brought Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway musical “Merrily We Roll Along” to a crowded Leeds Theater March 9.

SASA show spices up tradition

March 12, 2007 Comments are Disabled

Traditional and modern elements of music, dance and comedy were effectively combined Saturday night when the South Asian Students’ Association presented its annual cultural show to an appreciative audience that filled Salomon 101 to capacity.

Weinstein bringing Faulkner to Oprah audience

March 11, 2007 Comments are Disabled

If you’re an avid Oprah Winfrey fan, you’re probably familiar with Professor of Comparative Literature Arnold Weinstein, who this August gave a series of online lectures to Oprah’s Book Club about enigmatic author William Faulkner.

RISD art sale showcases student, alum creativity

March 11, 2007 Comments are Disabled

Despite Saturday’s rainy weather, Benefit Street was crowded with people attending the 17th Annual RISD Alumni/Student Art Sale, the centerpiece of the Rhode Island School of Design’s Alumni/Parents Weekend.