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Margaret Hu

Opinions Editor

Articles by Margaret Hu (6)

Margaret Hu: Embracing discomfort


Margaret Hu: Embracing discomfort

May 25, 2018 2 comments
This article is part of the series Commencement Magazine 2018

This article is part of the series Commencement Magazine 2018Like many first-year students, I arrived at Brown with bright eyes, elated to begin college at what I considered the perfect school. This was my chance to live the dream: the American dream my parents had worked so hard to realize, […]


Hu ’18: Stop tolerating sexual violence

December 2, 2016 2 comments

This year, we watched our country condemn Brock Turner and then elect an alleged rapist for president in a span of less than six months.


Hu ’18: Safe spaces are necessary

September 7, 2016 2 comments

Recently, the University of Chicago released a high-profile letter welcoming its incoming class of 2020.


Hu ’18 and Rowland ’17: A letter from the editors

April 28, 2016 Comments are Disabled

As opinions editors, we have a vested interest in how the Brown community forms and expresses opinions.


Hu ’18: The conversation on DPS: What about our voices?

March 24, 2016 Comments are Disabled

Within the past year at Brown, we have all witnessed a heightened discussion about our Department of Public Safety amid an ongoing national dialogue.


Hu ’18: Why we need comprehensive sex ed

February 12, 2016 1 comment

When I was 10 years old, I first learned about sex from a book: “Lovingly Alice,” a novel about a fifth-grade girl like me.

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