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Articles by Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick (13)


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: A reinforcement of today’s pressures

April 2, 2015 4 comments

We’ve become too accustomed to abnormal amounts of stress and mental strain — we’re losing ourselves and we’re losing each other to these tendencies.


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: Properly celebrating our veterans

November 11, 2014 0 comments

Each one of us owes something to those who fight for us, but this can be more than just some words printed on our calendars and a “Happy Veterans Day.”


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: Let’s go back to basic reportage

October 28, 2014 2 comments

What is it that gives marketing precedence over hard journalism?


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: Ebola in the United States — should we worry?

October 15, 2014 1 comment

The channels that allowed the disease into the country in the first place may be the same ones that allow it to spread.


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: Introducing frat-sororities

September 30, 2014 6 comments

Giving women a place in the fraternity house will not necessarily solve the issue of campus rape.


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: Ivy league schools are overrated: a response

September 22, 2014 2 comments

It is unfair to single out the Ivies as institutions merely trying to keep up with a society whose values are constantly evolving.


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: Ice cream anti-social

September 8, 2014 5 comments

Sorry to burst your bubbles, first-years, but the ice cream social that you attended just a few nights ago during orientation? Utterly pointless.


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: Students for sense and safety

April 22, 2014 1 comment

We, as students, suffer from the common It-Will-Never-Happen-To-Me Syndrome.


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: Preserve college sports

April 8, 2014 0 comments

The assets that the teams and individual athletes bring to the school are too rich to eliminate.


Grapengeter-Rudnick ’17: Takeaways from Ukraine for the individual

March 12, 2014 4 comments

While the most dramatic and significant regime change since the Cold War occurs, the typical American will go about his or her normal life utterly unfazed.