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Melanie is a University News editor. She is a sophomore from northern Virginia considering concentrating in History and Public Policy. When not at The Herald, Melanie can be found lost on campus, keeping up with the New York Mets (unfortunately), or learning obscure history.

Articles by Melanie Pincus (63)

President Emeritus Ruth Simmons was presented with the inaugural Black Legacy Award. Throughout Saturday afternoon, alums attended panels and workshops focused on ameliorating racial and economic inequalities.

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Black alumni connect, celebrate at reunion

September 23, 2018 1 comment

This weekend, the University hosted the fourth Black Alumni Reunion, which brought over 600 graduates back to College Hill.

In the past, B-Lab program has largely taken place in the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. If the Nelson Center’s new space at 249 Thayer St. is ready by next summer, the program will switch locations accordingly.

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B-Lab encourages, facilitates student entrepreneurship

September 23, 2018 Comments are Disabled

Students and recent graduates looking to address problems — from simplifying the process of applying for citizenship to improving the modern sticky bra — found homes for their entrepreneurial ventures in the University’s Breakthrough Lab this summer.

UCS President Shanzé Tahir ’19 also announced that a new committee formed to address harm in the community, the Community Accountability Focus Group, will have its first meeting next Wednesday.

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UCS holds elections for internal positions

September 19, 2018 Comments are Disabled

The Undergraduate Council of Students filled six of seven open positions through internal elections at its meeting Wednesday night.

President of the Undergraduate Council of Students Shanzé Tahir ’19 outlined the council’s past projects as well as announced its future plans.

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New UCS leadership outlines plans for year

September 12, 2018 Comments are Disabled

The Undergraduate Council of Students held its first meeting of the 2018-19 academic year Wednesday night. The meeting, which lasted about half an hour, featured introductions from executive board members, an explanation of the council’s plans for this year and an overview of some of its past work.

The Undergraduate Finance Board has created a new website as part of its initiative to increase transparency. UFB is responsible for allocating $2 million to around 250 student groups each year.

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UFB launches transparency campaign

September 11, 2018 Comments are Disabled

The Undergraduate Finance Board will work this semester to make their operations more transparent through a new website, quarterly budget reports and a call for student feedback, said UFB Chair Lisa Schold ’19 and Vice Chair Julian De Georgia ’20 in an interview with The Herald.

The preservationists & the provokers

The preservationists & the provokers

May 25, 2018 Comments are Disabled
This article is part of the series Commencement Magazine 2018

The Providence Preservation Society has been organizing community members for over half a century to advocate for the preservation of Providence’s historic buildings that capture the city’s character and heritage.

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Incoming UCS leadership discusses goals

April 26, 2018 Comments are Disabled

Shanzé Tahir ’19, president-elect of the Undergraduate Council of Students, and Camila Pelsinger ’20, vice president-elect of the council, outlined some of their goals for the next academic year at UCS’ general body meeting Wednesday evening.

Project Tampon, which aims to distribute menstrual products to University bathrooms, was started in the fall 2016 semester. UCS halted distribution of tampons and pads this semester.

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UCS asks Facilities to administer Project Tampon

April 26, 2018 Comments are Disabled

The Undergraduate Council of Students is in conversations with the Department of Facilities Management to have the University take over Project Tampon, which would mean stocking bathrooms on campus with free tampons and pads, said UCS President Chelse-Amoy Steele ’18.

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UFB hopes to fill four open positions

April 25, 2018 Comments are Disabled

The Undergraduate Finance Board will seek to fill four open at-large representative positions in the fall semester through special elections, said incoming vice chair of the board Julian De Georgia ’20.

Vinh Nguyen, national intelligence officer for cyber issues on the U.S. National Intelligence Council, discussed implications of cybersecurity.

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Intelligence officer talks cybersecurity

April 16, 2018 Comments are Disabled

In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity is no longer a “technical issue,​” but rather a concern that is​ “broad ranging,” with implications for a variety of fields, said Vinh Nguyen, the national intelligence officer for cyber issues on the U.S. National Intelligence Council.

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