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Articles by Mili Mitra (38)


Mitra ’18: What about international internships?

April 19, 2016 Comments are Disabled

When I scrolled through BrownConnect for summer internships in the United States, I looked for the phrase: “International applicants are welcome to apply.”


Mitra ’18: What’s in an A?

April 4, 2016 1 comment

Now that spring break is officially over, we are forced to look ahead to the final weeks of the semester.


Mitra ’18: Elections and the entertainment quotient

March 14, 2016 Comments are Disabled

When I first saw the emerging presidential field last January, I remember making a rather obvious pronouncement.


Mitra ’18 The Trump effect

March 1, 2016 2 comments

When Donald Trump first began running for President, I was sure he had an ulterior motive.


Mitra ’18: After the Oscars whitewash, we should turn to TV

February 15, 2016 1 comment

Another year, another over-the-top Oscars ceremony, another all-white acting nomination field.


Mitra ’18: Turning the tide of college admissions

February 4, 2016 Comments are Disabled

It’s been two years since I struggled through college applications, but the phrase “Common App” still sends shivers down my spine.


Mitra ’18: The internship games

November 19, 2015 Comments are Disabled

When I arrived at Brown, I was baffled by the inordinate emphasis on finding internships.


Mitra ’18: Divine Providence

November 2, 2015 3 comments

It might not be the most high-profile or glamorous city in the United States, but it sure has plenty of soul.


Mitra ’18: Writing a wrong

October 23, 2015 3 comments

The deeper truth is minority writers are still struggling to get their voices heard over the tidal wave of homogeneity that pervades modern literature.


Mitra ’18: Why I still miss Jon Stewart

October 22, 2015 2 comments

Jon Stewart has left an indelible mark on pop culture and society, revolutionizing the way in which we absorb news and view politics.