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Articles by Nicholas Asker (11)


Asker ’17: Perverting the 2016 presidential race

November 4, 2015 Comments are Disabled

Republicans are right to be mad at the media after the debate, but not because of its alleged liberal bias or unfair questioning.


Asker ’17: Investing in people and places that matter

October 26, 2015 1 comment

One thing we should absolutely not tolerate is a substantial portion of the funding in this area being siphoned off to feed a swelling administration.


Asker ’17: Career-bound

October 8, 2015 2 comments

One thing students preparing for the business world forego, myself included, is taking courses that actually interest them.


Asker ’17: 257 Thayer is not a problem

September 25, 2015 1 comment

Trying to be funny and dramatic while bashing people’s informed choices is not cool, and in this case it oversimplifies the issues at play.


Asker ’17: Don’t blame black culture

September 9, 2015 6 comments

But over the past year and a half, undeniable evidence has come to light of systemic, unjustified police brutality and discrimination across this country.


Asker ’17: Universities shouldn’t speak freely

April 14, 2015 75 comments

If Michigan decided to cancel the showing of “American Sniper,” its decision wouldn’t be censorship or antithetical to free speech.


Asker ’17: The importance of safe spaces

April 1, 2015 Comments are Disabled

A moderate safe space strives to educate students on histories of violence and the idea of inclusiveness so that we can create a less oppressive world.


Asker ’17: Criticism of U. for canceling hearing unwarranted

March 10, 2015 2 comments

In terms of the slow process, then, it is clear that money isn’t talking. Rights are.


Asker ’17: Conclusions after the Chapel Hill shooting

February 24, 2015 58 comments

Impulsivity and lack of reflectiveness are never excusable, no matter the hardship and how natural it is to fall prey to them.

Columns, Opinions

Asker ’17: Debunking non-cancellation complaints

February 9, 2015 3 comments

Last week, many Brown community members were disappointed to learn that classes and administrative functions would not be cancelled on Monday, Feb. 2.