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Articles by Oliver Rosenbloom (17)


Rosenbloom ’13: In defense of affirmative action

November 18, 2012 5 comments

In the America in which we live, race still profoundly impacts personal experience. It should therefore be one of many factors considered in the admissions process.


Rosenbloom ’13: Withholding judgment about career choices

November 5, 2012 1 comment

It is imperative that we do not automatically dismiss certain career paths as morally empty, for the truth is far more complicated than that.


Rosenbloom ’13: The truth about pre-professionalism at Brown

October 4, 2012 2 comments

  There is no need to choose between purely intellectual pursuits and professional success. Brown students can have them both.


Rosenbloom ’13: Questioning the New Curriculum

November 28, 2011 Comments are Disabled

The most sacred dogma at Brown is that the New Curriculum benefits all students.


Rosenbloom ’13: A renewed commitment to individual rights

November 13, 2011 Comments are Disabled

As Brown begins the search for its next president, it is important that we choose a candidate who values students’ rights of due process and freedom of speech. Unfortunately, over the last decade, the Brown campus has become hostile to these individual rights. Administrative decisions, student actions and official University […]


Rosenbloom ’13: Our extraordinary level of freedom

October 31, 2011 Comments are Disabled

American society demands far less of young adults than it used to, thus allowing us more freedom to construct meaning in our own lives.


Rosenbloom ’13: The fight for the soul of the Occupy movement

October 16, 2011 Comments are Disabled

The Occupy Wall Street/Providence/College Hill movement has the potential to be a generation-defining protest movement. It could make our political landscape more compassionate and equitable. Yet this movement could also become a force for further polarization, discord and folly. As a student body with many political activists, our choices will […]


Rosenbloom ’13: The fundamental dilemma behind the ROTC debate

October 3, 2011 Comments are Disabled

The debate about whether to recognize the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps on campus is indicative of a more fundamental struggle facing the community. How do we, as members of an extremely liberal university, engage with a world that does not share our deep commitment to liberal values? One option is […]


Rosenbloom ’13: Shielded from the costs of war

September 20, 2011 Comments are Disabled

On Sept. 11, the University hosted a service commemorating the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks against our country.


Rosenbloom ’13: Even on liberal campuses, you’re not as free as you think

September 7, 2011 Comments are Disabled

The prevalence of restrictive speech codes on college campuses is an underreported travesty of our time. The modern university ought to be a bastion of intellectual freedom where every idea is protected, and the college experience should empower individuals to learn how to deal with adult freedom responsibly. But unfortunately […]