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Articles by Patrick Nugent (12)


Nugent ’21: MLB’s playoff system needs to be fixed

September 6, 2018 Comments are Disabled

Baseball loves to laud itself for meritocratic policies, from a grueling 162 game season that exposes any weakness and only rewards true quality, to the extensive minor league system that provides easy replacement for any player not making the grade.

Op-eds, Opinions

Nugent ’21: Extra-inning baserunner rule does not hurt baseball

April 2, 2018 Comments are Disabled

I read The Herald’s April 1 column “Schapiro ’19: Rob Manfred crosses the Rubicon”, and while I don’t love what Rob Manfred is doing to baseball, denouncing the implementation of an international tiebreaker in the minors is not the right battle to choose. There are plenty of problems to solve […]