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Articles by Richard Locke (15)

Letters to the Editor, Opinions

Letter: On Brown’s budget

February 21, 2017 1 comment

I appreciate the perspectives shared in Lainie Rowland’s ’17 column (“Questioning the Budget,” Feb. 15) and welcome the opportunity to clarify a few points.

Columns, Opinions

Paxson P’19, Locke: Commitment to our community in a time of uncertainty

January 29, 2017 Comments are Disabled

During this moment of great political uncertainty in our country, we must be vigilant and deliberate in upholding our core values as a university.


Paxson P’19, Locke P’17: To the Brown community regarding ‘sanctuary’

November 16, 2016 3 comments

In recent days we have received three petitions urging Brown to offer sanctuary to protect undocumented members of the Brown community from deportation.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Brown still committed to undergrad experience

October 19, 2016 Comments are Disabled

We have exceptional faculty, a stunning campus and a curriculum that attracts intellectually independent students.


Paxson P’19, Locke P’17, Carey ’91 MA’06: An open letter to students on power, learning and responsibility

October 9, 2015 6 comments

Students learn by doing, and doing inevitably involves mistakes. The test of character of is the learning that follows the mistake.