Articles by Robin Steele (55)

‘Full Monty’ performers deliver the goods

April 25, 2008 Comments are Disabled

Nudity always draws a crowd. Or at least, that’s what the cast of “The Full Monty” may be hoping.

Pow Wow hits Main Green for first time

April 21, 2008 Comments are Disabled

Anyone passing through the Main Green last weekend was treated to more than the usual frisbee players and sunbathers. They also got to see the unusual sight of a Native American pow wow.

Never got ‘the talk’? Now’s your chance

April 18, 2008 Comments are Disabled

The 13th floor of the Sciences Library isn’t the only place on campus to learn about sex. Running through May 23, “Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Sexual Education in the 20th Century” will be on display at the John Nicholas Brown Center.

Punk rock, Greek legend share stage at New Plays Fest

April 7, 2008 Comments are Disabled

Punk rock, dystopian epics, classical mythology and above all the confusion of adolescence, are mined for dark humor and pathos in “Growing Up and Selling Out,” a collection of original student-written plays that make up the New Plays Festival 26.2. Presented by the Literary Arts Program and Brown/Trinity Repertory Consortium, the festival showcases the work of two second-year MFA playwrights – Ann Marie Healy GS and Gregory Moss GS – as well as a duo of one-act plays by undergraduates Chen Gu ’08 and Brendan Pelsue ’08.

RISD Museum’s ‘Styrofoam’ features kilted Lincoln

March 31, 2008 Comments are Disabled

Proving it’s more than just a lightweight packing material, Styrofoam is at the center of the RISD Museum’s newest exhibition, which features a diverse collection of Styrofoam-related works from various contemporary artists.

PW stages Aeschylus, orgies and tomatoes

March 11, 2008 Comments are Disabled

Under magenta lights, a violent orgiastic scene rages to a creepy, seductive techno beat. Brides and grooms strip to their underwear, simulating sex and murder while wedding guests flit around, maniacally snapping photos, flicking champagne and ballroom dancing with audience members.

Spring Weekend tickets on sale today

March 10, 2008 Comments are Disabled

Spring Weekend tickets will go on sale today in lower Faunce House and will be sold daily from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m while supplies last. Tickets for students, faculty and staff with Brown/RISD ID are $12 for the April 11 concert and $15 for the April 12 concert.

RISD Museum weaves some alternative fashions

February 29, 2008 Comments are Disabled

A dress woven out of cassette tape, memoirs stitched into a quilt and 23-karat gold printed onto fabric are all on display as part of the RISD Museum’s new exhibit “Evolution/Revolution: The Arts and Crafts in Contemporary Fashion and Textiles.”

Basil Twist pulls all the strings at McCormack

February 22, 2008 Comments are Disabled

A small wooden string puppet named “Stickman” delicately danced and flew through the air Monday night in McCormack Family Theater, carefully controlled by the hands of renowned puppet master Basil Twist. The Literary Arts Program hosted Twist and theater producer Barbara Busackino of Tandem Otter Productions earlier this week, holding a talk and demonstration Monday evening and a workshop Tuesday afternoon.

Most industrious

February 8, 2008 Comments are Disabled