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Sheehan ’12: An NFC preview, not about the Sox

September 24, 2011 0 comments

I’d like to start things off by letting everyone know that this week’s column is about football. That means I will in no way talk about baseball.


Bears split invitational title

September 23, 2011 0 comments

On the familiar floor of the Pizzitola Center, the volleyball team split the 2011 Brown Invitational championship title last weekend with University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The Bears (4-7) took two of three matches, dropping a heartbreaker to UMES (5-5) but besting in-state rival Bryant University (5-9) as well as Fordham University (3-9).


New study aims to tackle concussions

September 19, 2011 0 comments

During a professional football lockout that was marred by name-calling, stubbornness and greed earlier this year, the only thing the owners and players could agree on was that football needs to be safer. Both the short- and long-term effects of head injuries have hung over the league during the past few seasons, shortening and ending players’ careers and lives.


A nation saved: the return of football

September 16, 2011 0 comments

Nearly a month and a half ago, there was a knock on my door in the middle of the night. I opened the door in my nightdress, wondering who could be calling at that hour. There stood the NFL Season, soaked in rain and begging to come back into my life.


Sheehan: End-of-Year Awards

April 22, 2011 0 comments

I have been so transfixed these last few weeks with the drama on the court, ice and field on which Boston’s teams tread, that I didn’t see the end of the year coming. Indeed, the final weeks of the semester were so stealthy, they snuck into my house, strangled my work ethic and tiptoed out again before I even realized what happened. Now, this being my last column of the semester, I figured it was time to hand out the first annual Badly Dressed Irish Sports Fan Awards — BDISFAs — for the year. But I believe award shows should be about recognition for your successes or woeful failures versus actual winners and losers. So I’ll be giving awards to multiple recipients who will split their BDISFAs among themselves. So, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for this year’s BDISFA winners. The Robert Downey Jr. Award for Instilling Man Crushes Honorable mention goes to Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire for arriving in a time when Derek Jeter is about as popular as the Unabomber, giving Gotham City stars to love who aren’t incredible tools. No one likes you, A-Rod. For reasons of my own bias, Chris Paul’s evisceration of the Lakers on the road in Game 1 cemented his share of the award. Aaron Rodgers’ banishment of the Brett Favre demons from Lambeau was also a winning effort. Armando Galarraga’s loss of a perfect game on a blown call of what would have been the final out, though, earns him the majority of the Downey Jr. He kept his cool, shrugged it off and kept competing like a real professional athlete. Hats off to you, Armando. The Bill Buckner Award for Finest Efforts to Ruin Boston Sports It’s often said by the teammates of a Red Sox pitcher: “When he’s on the mound, he gives us a chance to win.” In the case of John Lackey, this is said by opposing batting coaches and hitters. With an ERA of almost 10, he gets part of a Buckner. Patriots safety Patrick Chung’s mind-boggling strategy of “steal ball from own punter, try to run” grabs him a portion as well. But our big winner is Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge. It takes a special man to take a championship-favorite team and turn them into long shots. His moves at the trade deadline turned Nate Robinson, Kendrick Perkins, Marquis Daniels, Semih Erden and Luke Harangody into Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic, Troy Murphy, Carlos Arroyo and Sasha Pavlovic. Oh, and Jermaine O’Neal is our starter. The situation is as cheery as the ending of “The Departed.” The Rebecca Black Award award for Unintentional Hilarity This award will be given out on the day after Thursday. The gods of sport have a sense of humor. Just look at Yi Jianlian. If there were a stat for missed slam dunks, Yi would be the league leader every one of his years in the league. Let’s not forget Buster Posey reminding everyone in the world that just because you haven’t gone through puberty, doesn’t mean you can’t attain your dreams. Now, Posey has hired a live-in mom to make him all the ice cream sundaes he can eat. “I’m the boss, so I eat ice cream every meal,” Posey said in between episodes of “SpongeBob SquarePants.” “Oh, I want that,” he said, gesturing to an ad for a Power Wheels Land Rover. “Mom, get me that!” Also, that interview was made up. Our winner is, of course, Tiger Woods, for making every joke involving cocktail waitresses and “the back nine” relevant again. When Ivy Film Festival guest Aaron Sorkin eventually writes this screenplay, I want to see Jamie Foxx as Tiger, Blake Lively as Elin Nordegren and Megan Fox as Hoochie No. 47. The tagline could be, “He may be Tiger, but he’s also lyin’! ” This moves right into our next award. The Elin’s $750 million Check Award for Blatant Cheating NBA dunk contest organizers earn themselves a large portion of the Check award for unabashedly handing the slam dunk contest to Blake Griffin. As Serge Ibaka’s jaw-dropping foul line dunk was shortchanged to a contest-worst score of 45, Griffin couldn’t even pull off his less impressive dunk and settled for just throwing it down really hard. Oh, and then Kia gave him a car to jump over — which actually wasn’t that cool — and a chorus. Shame on you, Griffin. Also when you are watching the NBA playoffs, don’t forget that Joey Crawford is refereeing the games. He certainly won’t. You could let a full-grown anaconda out on a basketball court and he would ruin a game less than Crawford’s game-calling. It helps if you make a game out of it — guess when he gets nailed for betting on games. The Magic Johnson Award for Hilarious Nicknames As this would be the only thing Andrei Kirilenko ever wins in his life, I’m giving him part of the award for the nickname AK-47. Not since The Croatian Sensation, Toni Kukoc, have we seen an Eastern European nickname that good. Kevin Durant’s “Durantula” moniker also grabs a piece of the award, but the big winner is one of his own Thunder teammates. Serge Ibaka’s nickname of “Iblocka” comes from his ability to block basketball shots and not from interrupting teammates who are talking to ladies while out at the club. No comment on Kobe Bryant’s “Black Mamba” nickname. I think given his legal history, he should have known to stay away from snake nicknames. Sam Sheehan ’12 is reasonably sure that his editors will make him cut that last line. Talk sports with him at or follow him on Twitter @SamSheehan


Sheehan ’12: Contenders, pretenders and Jared Jeffries

April 8, 2011 0 comments

As the basketball season winds down and we head into the final week of the year, the playoff picture has begun to take shape. There are only a few seeds up for grabs in the end-of-season scramble — the bottom of both conferences, a battle for third seed in the West between the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder and a fight for the second seed in the East. My main prediction: The Boston Celtics will be the No. 2 seed. Why? Because I said so. Suck it, Miami Heat.


Sheehan ’12: Network TV: Sports edition

March 25, 2011 0 comments

Network television channels cover a ton of sports, so why not come up with some sports-themed programming for the awful, terrible, soul-crushing shows?


Sheehan ’12: When football stopped being about football

March 18, 2011 0 comments

Midway through December, I sat on a bus bound for northern Maine, firmly sandwiched between a morbidly obese woman and the grimy windows of Concord Coach.


Spring (Weekend) in the NBA’s step

March 11, 2011 0 comments

Alright, look. I swear I was going to write a hockey column this week. But then I didn’t.


Gymnastics’ season-high earns Bears first victory

March 11, 2011 0 comments

The gymnastics team grabbed its first win of the season Sunday at home, vanquishing two-time national champion University of Bridgeport and neighboring Southern Connecticut State University at the Pizzitola Center.