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Poll: First-years come prepared for academic success

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Poll: First-years come prepared for academic success

April 24, 2013 Comments are Disabled
This article is part of the series Spring 2013 Faculty Poll

Professors said Brown first-years are consistently equipped to adapt to college learning.

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Financial aid office posts undocumented student policy

April 12, 2013 1 comment

Its website has been updated with information about undocumented students’ financial aid eligibility.

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Undergrads consider impact of Chavez’ death

March 18, 2013 2 comments

The former president’s death has prompted discussion of his legacy and the coming elections.

Citing Brazil’s growing role in the world culture and economy, the University is seeking to expand its academic ties with the nation.

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U. looks to expand academic ties to Brazil

February 28, 2013 Comments are Disabled

New initiatives will seek to connect University academics to the South American nation.

Whether they are studying in Cuba or Germany, blogs help students record their experiences abroad and collect and share pictures.


Technology connects students abroad with life back home

February 13, 2013 Comments are Disabled

Facebook, Twitter and blogs allow students to stay in touch with both old and new friends.

Brazilian Senator Cristovam Buarque discussed persisting inequality within countries — despite progress made in the past 30 years — in his talk at the Watson Institute Tuesday.

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Brazilian senator probes moral cost of progress

February 8, 2013 Comments are Disabled

Watson Institute lecture explored the ethical challenges associated with modernization.

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Committee recommends increased support for grad students

January 28, 2013 Comments are Disabled
This article is part of the series Planning in Progress

The report prioritizes health care, financial aid and professional support in pursuit of excellence.

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Physicists across nation seek dark matter

December 5, 2012 1 comment

Buried deep underground in Black Hills, S.D. lies a cavern with a titanium tank the size of a phonebooth.

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Lecturer talks human rights prosecution

November 13, 2012 Comments are Disabled

Kathryn Sikkink, a University of Minnesota professor, addressd a packed hall at the Joukowsky Forum in the Watson Institute Monday night to discuss human rights prosecution and her recent book, “The Justice Cascade: How Human Rights Prosecutions Are Changing World Politics.” 

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Report urges increased veteran recruitment

October 31, 2012 Comments are Disabled

The Undergraduate Veterans Subcommittee of the Diversity Advisory Board released a report last month highlighting the issues that undergraduate U.S. military student veterans face and discussing how the University can ease some of these difficulties.