Articles by Sonia Saraiya (21)

College Dems’ relationship with Segal strained over meeting appearance

October 28, 2005 Comments are Disabled

The Brown College Democrats have turned down an offer by Ward 1 City Councilman David Segal, a member of the Green Party, to speak at their general body meeting, citing the group’s constitution.

Kickoff events meant to engage entire campus

October 21, 2005 Comments are Disabled

The launch of the public phase of Brown’s Campaign for Academic Enrichment – officially beginning Saturday with the announcement of a financial goal and timeframe – will take place amid a series of events intended to involve a broad spectrum of community members.

New club to teach commonsense skills

September 29, 2005 Comments are Disabled

The Practicality Club, which last week won approval from the Undergraduate Council of Students as a Category I student group, will aim to teach “practical skills for college life” to interested students, said the club’s founder, Andrew Jacobs ’08.

Editorial Cartoon

September 13, 2005 Comments are Disabled

After the storm, brainstorming Brown’s response

September 9, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Around 20 students, faculty, staff and alums discussed the University’s possible responses to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in a brainstorming session at Hillel Thursday night.

Vigil offers comfort for those distressed by tragedy

September 7, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Unity in faith can combat the nation’s appalling initial inaction in the face of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, speakers said at a Tuesday night candlelight vigil for victims of the storm. The bells in University Hall rang for five minutes to call people to the small gathering in front of Faunce House.

Lessons for parents, too: how to let go

September 1, 2005 Comments are Disabled

For many parents sending their children to college for the first time, striking the median between negligence and excessive care can be difficult.

Brunonians shaken by July 7 London bombings

July 17, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Every year, students flock to the United Kingdom on study abroad programs and even more Brits cross the pond to attend Brown. The July 7 attacks on the London public transportation system, a series of bombings that took place in central London during the morning rush hour, affected Brown students in both the United States and the U.K.

Aid recipients earn student contribution in a variety of ways

April 21, 2005 Comments are Disabled

How do students pay for a Brown education? Work-study and impending loan costs are a significant part of the college experience for many undergraduates – 45 percent of Brown students receive “some kind of financial aid,” according to Director of Financial Aid Michael Bartini. And within this wide segment of the community lies a diverse range of experiences.

Frank Hall architect Duffy intrigues University officials

March 14, 2005 Comments are Disabled

The architect chosen to design Sidney E. Frank Hall, the future home of the Department of Cognitive Sciences and Linguistics and the Brain Science program, brings a reputation for flexibility and ingenuity to the project.