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Articles by Sophia Li (55)

University News

Brown’s 2010 honorary degree recipients

May 30, 2010 Comments are Disabled

This year Brown will award honorary degrees to eight individuals prominent in a variety of fields, including film, public service and historical scholarship.


The candidate

May 30, 2010 Comments are Disabled

When Teresa Tanzi first enrolled as a part-time student through Brown’s Resumed Undergraduate Education program seven years ago, the plan called for her to graduate this weekend. But when the class of 2010 was finally arriving on College Hill in 2006, Tanzi was headed the other direction, and she hasn’t been back in class since.


Bereaved students search for meaning after classmates’ deaths

March 9, 2010 Comments are Disabled

Just over two weeks ago, two young alums were struck by a car while walking in Brooklyn — a hit-and-run that joined two recent fatalities that crystallized the fragility of human life for the Brown community.

Surveying the demolished remains of the buildings that Brown knocked down to make room for Keeney Quadrangle. The effort to stop that demolition gave birth to the Providence Preservation Society.

University News

When building Brown meant burning bridges

October 23, 2009 Comments are Disabled
This article is part of the series Town-Brown

Today, the University sprawls over most of College Hill. But since it cleared 51 houses to build Wriston Quad, growth has brought controversy when Brown’s boundaries have blurred.

In hiring, hallmark of a broader push on Africa by University

October 6, 2009 Comments are Disabled

When the University announced it had hired famed African writer Chinua Achebe last month, it brought into its Department of Africana Studies one of the world’s highest-profile thinkers on Africa.


Homeless camp tenants battle for a no-man’s-land

September 18, 2009 Comments are Disabled

During the daylight hours, the inhabitants of Provitents — as the encampment is known — go about their business. Some work, and others look for jobs. They survive on donated food and on one another’s companionship.

University News

An ocean away, release of Pan-Am bomber triggers memories on College Hill

September 9, 2009 Comments are Disabled

Last year, Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi was diagnosed with terminal cancer — a piece of personal information that catapulted the former Libyan intelligence official to the center of an international controversy.

Commencement 2009, University News

Alison Cohen

May 21, 2009 Comments are Disabled

Education, environmental justice, women’s health, chemistry — at first glance, the different passions that Alison Cohen ’09 pursues seem loosely connected. But in her academic work and outside activities, the San Francisco native has brought together her diverse array of interests, earning recognition for the path she has charted in […]

University News

‘Modes’ courses re-thought how we learn, but didn’t last

April 15, 2009 1 comment

Though few students today are familiar with Modes of Thought courses — deleted by the same governing body that originally enacted the New Curriculum — the story of their creation sheds light on the spirit of experimentation that gave rise to the New Curriculum’s adoption.

University News

Health is a global right, says Kim ’82

April 15, 2009 Comments are Disabled

Physician and public health leader Jim Yong Kim ’82 discussed global health’s future — and his own as the recently elected president of Dartmouth — in Andrews Dining Hall Tuesday afternoon, stressing the importance of broad-based health solutions over tackling diseases one-by-one.

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