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Foreseeing the NBA Future

October 26, 2007 0 comments

I don’t mean to brag, but in addition to being a level six Halo slayer, I’m also something of a soothsayer. I once predicted a Scott Brosius home run off Pedro Martinez. Do you know how unlikely that is? His name rhymes with atrocious! The following things will happen in the 2007-2008 NBA season:

Why making the NBA playoffs is bad for a franchise’s health

April 18, 2007 0 comments

As the NBA regular season winds down, 16 teams will make the playoffs while another 14 get a head start on vacation. It might seem as though those 16 teams succeeded having made the playoffs, but the truth is that most playoff teams are the real losers each season, and that is especially true this season.

Tru Story: Major League Baseball predictions

April 6, 2007 0 comments

Sipping the Asian Kool-aid: “Dice-K” Daisuke Matsuzaka looks like he’s a top-five pitcher in baseball. Meanwhile, Kei Igawa has sneaky stuff that misses bats and could reach 15 wins.

Papelbon to close is a mistake

April 5, 2007 0 comments

I’m generally not too subtle about how much I hate the Red Sox, so why am I happy to hear that the man who had the eighth-lowest ERA in history (.92) and the lowest batting average against (.162) in history last season is primed to reclaim his spot as closer for the Boston Red Sox? Because now we only have to see him dominate one inning per game – probably somewhere around 70 innings on the year, rather than 200.

Tru picks for the Final Four

March 21, 2007 0 comments

Rumor has it that after UCLA’s 54-49 win over Indiana Saturday night, Arron Afflalo called his father and said, “Hire the party planner, book Jay-Z and buy me a sports car, Pops. I’m goin’ to the Sweet Sixteen!”

Tru Story flips for March Madness

March 14, 2007 0 comments

If there’s one thing Brown has taught me, it’s that everyone has their own tastes. Some people enjoy tennis, I used to think some girls were “universally attractive,” and I just read that NASCAR gets the second-highest television ratings of any sport in the country.

Trudeau gets behind the scenes at Nike

March 7, 2007 0 comments

Alistair Campbell is the advertising manager for Nike based in Beaverton, Ore. I spoke to him using my cellular phone device about his experience on the set of Nike’s newest basketball commercial, titled “The Second Coming.” The commercial features 10 of the best professional basketball players in the NBA, including Cleveland’s Lebron James, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and Steve Nash from Phoenix, playing a pickup game.

All-Star Weekend Notes

February 23, 2007 0 comments

The NBA All-Star weekend is probably the only All-Star experience I enjoy. We’ve been treated to Mariah Carey (when she was still really hot/not crazy) in her skin-tight Michael Jordan jersey-dress. We get a chance to see the young studs of the league in the Rookie-Sophomore Game.

Move over Yanks, Red Sox joining ranks of Evil Empire

February 14, 2007 0 comments

Before I get to sports, there’s something I need to get off my chest. I know I am in the minority here, but why do people enjoy “24”? What is so special about another plot to kill the president, a nuclear bomb chase, a short guy running around, yelling into a cell phone for an hour while the computer nerd back at headquarters tries to hack into the mainframe, all in anticipation of a few brief moments of second-tier action? There is zero actual drama.

Semi-Super Bowl Diary

February 7, 2007 0 comments

I’m (Joseph) Addai-ing to get going, so here we go… 5:55 – Interesting pre-game show. Cirque du Soleil? More like Circus du Suck. 6:15 – I’m no music guru, but I’m positive Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Billy Joel just got owned by the note on “see” (as in, “Oh, say can you see”).