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The most egregious mistakes by sports execs in 2006

January 31, 2007 0 comments

Mmmm … 2007. We’re off to a great start. Boise State University upset Oklahoma University in the Fiesta Bowl, Tom Brady threw an interception to ice a second consecutive playoff exit and I’m pretty sure Terrell Owens and Curt Schilling haven’t said anything yet.

Mailing it in

November 29, 2006 0 comments

I thought it was time to connect on a more personal level with my readers, so I turned to electronic mail. Let’s see what you had to ask. Dear Tru Story, I wondered, since you’re a New Yorker and all, what the Brown equivalent of the New York Knicks would be? – Matt, New York The people who run the Ratty, bless their souls, clearly hope that with enough quantity of food, people might not realize that none of the options are actually any good.

Football diary: Giants-Bears

November 17, 2006 0 comments

After a long day of football last Sunday, I decided the only way to cap it off would be with – you guessed it – more football. Here is my diary of Sunday night’s New York Giants-Chicago Bears game.

NBA Eastern Conference preview: King James will rule

November 2, 2006 0 comments

In response to the last few installments of “Tru Story,” I’ve received a few complaints that I make more wise-ass remarks than sports comments.

World Series Game 3: It’s So Taguchi

October 26, 2006 0 comments

It’s almost November, which means that Michael Strahan and the New York Giants will no longer be the only people shouting “baallllinn’.” But alas, the NBA preview can wait. Tonight I’ll be following Game Three of the World Series in diary form. I’d like to thank ESPN’s the Sports Guy for the inspiration for the idea, but that’s all, because, unlike Bill Simmons, I can talk about college in the present tense instead of falsely pretending I’m still there.

Fantasy easily trumps reality in sports today

October 19, 2006 0 comments

Providence, Rhode Island, is very bad. Yo, I got a Brown ID though. Tru story, Tru story.

What to watch as the MLB playoffs heat up

October 12, 2006 0 comments

I didn’t want to think about baseball right now, let alone write about it, but then Tommy Lasorda reminded me that regardless of whether or not my team is still alive, I “live for this.”

Sports movies worth watching in order to complete childhood

September 28, 2006 0 comments

On my most recent bi-annual run, I watched with sadness as a young woman whisked by on a bike. The moment was significant to me because I never graduated from training wheels. Tru story. I fear failure and those who fear failure know better than to try. While it’s too late for me to have a complete childhood, it’s not too late for you.

Trends to watch in the 2006 NFL season

September 20, 2006 0 comments

Not too long ago I would have felt unqualified to make NFL predictions.

‘Fenway Faithful’ make for an eventful afternoon

September 14, 2006 0 comments

It’s been a slow few days in the sports world. Despite the kick-off of the NFL season, nothing particularly surprising happened, except maybe Reggie Bush was more impressive than Mario Williams, Drew Bledsoe threw three interceptions and the Patriots beat the Bills…