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Chang ’27: Paying CCB members is a misguided idea

The purpose of the Class Coordinating Board is to plan events. Yet, despite being an organization that is supposed to represent the student body, CCB has a track record of being undemocratic. I find it concerning that members of CCB are now attempting to compensate themselves using University funds. ...

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Sandhu ‘25: Shiny object syndrome plagues our generation

In a fast-paced world, our generation’s obsession with the new is pervasive. From the latest smartphone to fleeting fashion trends, we have grown up in a society caught in an incessant cycle of novelty. This fixation with the new has become deeply ingrained in our culture, shaping our consumer behaviors, ...


Aizenberg ’26: In Defense of Ryan Lochte

During the 2016 Rio Olympics, American swimmers Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were robbed on their way back from a club. Their taxi was pulled over by individuals posing as police officers who ordered the intoxicated swimmers to the ground and stole their wallets. Lochte had ...

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Sandhu ’25: Is social media the puppeteer of our memories?

In a recent New York Times Magazine interview, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Charan Ranganath explains how memories are far more complicated than a chronological record of past experiences. He claims that “we update our memories through the act of remembering,” creating a biased sense ...


Chang ’27: Brown should reinstate standardized testing

On Feb. 5, Dartmouth became the first Ivy League school to reinstate mandatory standardized testing for its 2025-26 admissions cycle. In the coming weeks, Brown’s Ad Hoc Committee on Admissions Policies plans to release a report regarding our current test-optional policy. Brown must follow Dartmouth’s ...

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Aizenberg ’26: What do we really know?

What do you think about the ongoing civil war in Cameroon that has displaced millions of people? Do you side with the Francophones or the Anglophones? Most likely, you cannot locate Cameroon on a map (neither could I, before writing this), let alone hold opinions on its civil war. It would thus be silly ...


Guan ’27: The freedom of thought

The Ivy League is no stranger to criticism and scrutiny. From producing mindless “zombies” to upholding socioeconomic inequality, critics have already levied almost any accusation one could imagine. But amid social and political upheaval in the aftermath of the October 7 attack, right-wing commentators ...

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Rahman ‘26: Why I said no to parental tracking

Two weeks ago, I was sitting at Saloniki Greek in Harvard Square visiting two friends from high school. I looked at my phone and saw a bombardment of anxious text messages from my parents: “Go home.” “It’s already 8:30” “Safety should be your first priority.” “Is it worth throwing your ...


Chang ‘27: Forget e-scooters — long live RIPTA!

I don’t like cars. They’re loud, expensive and they spew carbon dioxide everywhere. However, rentable electric scooters are not the solution, and actually contribute to net emissions. It’s time for Providence to promote more a environmentally friendly mode of transportation: the RIPTA bus system. ...


Hudes ’27: Removing Trump from the ballot won’t stop Trumpism

On Feb. 8, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Donald Trump’s appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to bar Trump from being on the Colorado primary ballot. The country’s highest court will be dipping its toes into the dangerous waters of American electoral politics. In the wake of unprecedented ...


Aizenberg ’26: Start with empathy

Consider this alternate history: World War II has just ended and the U.S. surprisingly fails to stop Soviet communism from spreading past the Eastern Bloc. As a result, the USSR and Western Europe become close economic and military allies. Isolated and stuck with a faltering economy, the U.S. cedes ...


Chang ’27: Brown University, what do you believe in?

Brown’s administration has long insisted that the University’s endowment is “not a political instrument,” part of its doctrine of political neutrality — a doctrine with serious limits. Political neutrality is all fine and good when it comes to mundane issues like the federal deficit. ...


Rahman ’26: Has ChatGPT turned the BA into BS?

In just one year, generative artificial intelligence models like ChatGPT have transformed the way we work and learn. In the Herald’s Fall 2023 poll, only 30.3% of surveyed students said that they do not use ChatGPT or similar tools in their academic study. Given the prevalence and utility of this ...

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