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Letter: End the use of pigs in medical training now

The ongoing use of pigs for operation training in the University's emergency medicine residency program reflects poorly on the University and provides inferior training to residents who deserve the best. It's time Brown joined the right side of history and ended this cruel, outdated practice. ...


Fang ’26: It’s time to stop saying ‘ethnic foods’

With Thayer Street a one-minute walk from my dorm, I’ve often found myself browsing Yelp for food options. I love the category search function in particular, which allows users to browse for food options by cuisine. One category I’ve noticed is “ethnic” restaurants. The word “ethnic” ...


Editorial: Let them stay

According to its website, the Brown University Graduate School “is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive academic community.” But this fall, as three graduate students ― Jeremiah Zablon GS, Clew GS, and Karina Santamaria GS ― faced removal from their programs, that commitment to ...

Schiller PQ-03.png

Schiller ’25: When are overheard words stolen?

“Then they set the corpses on fire. … My sister was still alive after being shot seven times. As for me, a bullet went through my left cheek. I can’t smile. My face won’t let me.” If you found this quote disturbing, good — that was its intent. It is taken from “DMZ Colony'' by ...


Fang '26: No, we don’t need to know what you eat in a day

The videos are all the same: A thin, conventionally attractive person poses in front of a mirror before the screen cuts to a beautifully staged bowl of oatmeal. The next shot is lunch, a colorful salad, and then dinner, a mix of grains and greens. Bonus points if “macros”— the grams of carbohydrates, ...


Gaber ’23: The importance of aimlessness

As I enter my senior year at Brown, I’m watching everyone around me make decisions that, on the surface, seem life-defining. What will our futures hold, and what is the best way we can shape them? For some, this question starts early. Many students in my class already know where they will be working ...

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