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Han ’23: The dangers of the ‘model minority’ myth

A recent poll conducted by the organization Leading Asian Americans to Unite for Change asked respondents to provide adjectives to describe Asian Americans. The three leading answers were: “Smart/Intelligent,” “Hard-Working” and “Kind/Nice/Thoughtful” — which are, as the LAAUNCH report ...


Editorial: How can we identify with public art we don’t understand?

One of the values of public art on campus, according to Brown, is that it “contributes to a sense of place, and inspires identification with this institution, its history and its values.” But the “Large Concretised Monument to the Twentieth Century” on the Main Green, installed May 14, is achieving ...


McGough ’23: Make elections matter again

Every two years, Americans gather at the polls to refresh the nation’s leaders. This biannual pace is perfectly normal to us, but it is astonishingly quick to our international peers. The parliaments of the United Kingdom, France and Canada default to five-year terms, while only two countries worldwide, ...


McGrath ’24: The cult of Elizabeth Holmes

“First they think you’re crazy, then they fight you, then all of a sudden you change the world,” former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes told CNBC in a 2015 interview. Once touted by Forbes as one of America’s youngest female self-made billionaires, Holmes is currently on trial for fraud. If convicted, ...


Simon ’25: We’re failing our female artists

At the close of every summer, there seems to be a frantic, retrospective search for the music that defined the season. In honor of this tradition, I’d like to take a moment to draw attention to an album that, thus far, has been subject to insufficient analysis. Solar Power is New Zealand singer-songwriter ...


Editors’ note: The Herald’s new website

The Herald is excited to launch a newly redesigned website today. In an era when the bulk of news is consumed online, and in our first website rework since 2015, we sought to update our site’s design and enhance reader engagement by increasing its accessibility and building in more space for innovative ...


Editorial: On loss and tradition

Vartan Gregorian Quad has been called “New Dorm” by Brown students since the days when it was actually new. But over the past year, as an incoming class of students entered onto a mostly empty campus, a new name for the residence hall emerged: “Greg.” This change, while amusing, was also alarming. ...


Han ’23: We cannot let our generation be defined by doom

In the wake of 9/11, Sandra E. Garcia, a reporter for the New York Times, wrote that after the terror attacks, she felt “as if a hole was torn in (her) reality and now anything was possible — even the unimaginable.” Sept. 11 was “the moment” that shaped the psyche of the preceding generation. ...


Marcus ’82: Three tips for 18-year-old me

Driving on I-95 in the late summer, I feel something tugging me back to College Hill. As I stroll past University Hall, the Rock and the Ratty, I get wistful. Why didn’t I make the most of those undergrad years? What if I knew then what I know now? More than four decades have passed, but I keep wishing ...

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