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And the Eyes are Hers.png
Post- Magazine

and the eyes are hers [narrative]

When the lights come on, there is a single spotlight, trained on the center of the stage. The actress is there, basking, lounging in the glow. Her legs dangle off the edge of the piano, willfully uncrossed. Her hair is piled high atop her head into a mount of carefully aligned curls. She wears a fitted ...

league of legends .JPG
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esport epics [feature]

It’s Friday afternoon, and I’ve arrived home from middle school just in time to catch the last game of the European professional League of Legends scene. The rest of my night will be spent catching up on highlights from the games I missed while I was at school, with breaks only to eat, walk my dog, ...

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new leaves despite it all [narrative]

There are the ones I left in a drafty room over a frigid New England December, only to come back from sun-baked California to their slouching, frozen corpses. The countless overwatered succulents, the root-bound vines, the pothos I just couldn’t make happy. The ones left forgotten, unwatered on my ...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow review.png
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immortality in the virtual world [A&C]

My childhood best friend Lilah once discovered a copy of Super Mario Bros. on the hallway floor of our middle school and stole it. Neither her conscience nor mine stopped us from taking it to her house after school and immediately plugging it into her pink Nintendo DS. For the next few months, every ...

i can say it for you.jpeg
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i can say it for you [A&C]

There was no second of purifying blackness, no raising of curtains or lowering of wires, no mechanized magic at all. Samia strode out to the microphone stand at centerstage, wearing her characteristic wide-eyed fishnets, mid-calf black leather boots, and a tiered white miniskirt that clung to her waist ...

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The Best Dressed Man in Bologna

Here we are again in the dead of a seemingly neverending winter. But, hell, that’s what Februaries are for. I hope that you all are staying toasty and layered up, because I seem to have found myself overseas, some four thousand miles from home, and it’s just as fucking frigid. But, here I am, doing ...

perfect going out top.gif
Post- Magazine

the perfect going out top [narrative]

Mysterious and alluring, it is one of the rarest creatures in the world. Only spotted on the most unlikely of nights, it constantly evades capture at the last minute, coming tantalizingly close before dancing away once again. Despite its slippery nature, it entraps the world's attention as its ...

white noise.jpg
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white noise [narrative]

Maybe I’m sitting at the dinner table, feeling the warmth of the tea mug and the crumbs on the tablecloth. My brother might be beside me, still eating—methodical as a surgeon. My mother is  probably ribbing him for sleeping until the afternoon, and between bites, he defends himself: “It took ...

the blue hour.png
Post- Magazine

the blue hour [feature]

After sunset is the blue hour. The sun is just below the horizon, and on a clear day, the remaining light scatters through the air, turning everything blue. At some point, you must have pushed out of a door, rolled down a window, or dragged a trash bag to the driveway and suddenly felt that blue air ...

A Love Letter To Babylon.png
Post- Magazine

a love letter to Babylon [A&C]

My grandfather, a motion picture exhibitor, used to declare every film he saw the “best picture of the year.” I can still hear the natural inflection of that phrase in his voice revealing his pure, unadulterated delight. My grandmother would walk out of the theatre and tell him she couldn’t believe ...

becoming a bad feminist.png
Post- Magazine

becoming a bad feminist [A&C]

In the very first episode of Fleabag, a beloved comedy-drama, the titular character and her sister Claire attend a feminist lecture together, in which the speaker asks the audience: “Please raise your hands if you would trade five years of your life for the so-called ‘perfect body.’” The rest ...

christmas adventures in OpenAI.jpg
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christmas adventures in openAI [narrative]

On the sixth night of Chanukah, which is also Christmas Eve, I am awake and burning in my childhood bed. It isn't a flame, but a computer running on my bare stomach that sears a red spot into my skin. But I can’t find it in myself to move. Not quite a week has passed since coming home, and I’m ...

into the woods.jpg
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into the woods [feature]

My sister is a forest dweller. She leads a pastoral existence—the trees are her companions and the stars her teachers. At Colby College in Waterville, Maine, the rustic wind nudges time forward. The woods’ many creatures waylay adventure-hungry students skipping astray in the hills, nibbling at ...

Scrapbooking the Sunday Scaries Away Illustration.jpg
Post- Magazine

scrapbooking the sunday scaries away [lifestyle]

The Sunday Scaries are only scary when you think ahead to Monday. I’ve always had the Sunday Scaries, but at the start of freshman year, one of my best friends and I started a tradition called Smoothie Sundays to combat this feeling. Amidst a quiet campus, Tabitha and I got drinks from Tropical Smoothie ...

Feminine Rage.png
Post- Magazine

the craze for feminine rage [A&C]

I’ve seen the clip a few times now. Anya Taylor-Joy is on a press tour, promoting her movie The Menu in a BBC interview. “I have a thing about feminine rage,” she says. She kicks the air playfully as she speaks. “This is no disrespect for any writer. I get a lot of men doing really terrible ...

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