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Post- Magazine

Post- Magazine

suits [lifestyle]

I’ve been wanting to write an article about suits for nearly my entire time here at post-. Seeing as this will be my last article before my grand venture into the adult world (Vogue, hire me), I figured now would be a good time to cover it. Suits. Not the TV show, the real deal. For many of you, I ...

anything but lines
Post- Magazine

anything but lines [A&C]

My dog likes to take me for walks around the areas familiar to us. He pulls me through night-covered forests and faintly-lit suburban sidewalks on paths of all kinds—spirals, ovals, rings—but never allows me to turn around. If I do, he stops, protesting and refusing until I face forward again. He ...

when a house becomes a home
Post- Magazine

when a house becomes a home [A&C]

I have changed. Since the beginning of 2023, I have been stretched out, hammered down, tugged at, and put back together. My face now has small red spots from taking naps under the sun, and I know how to hold contempt in my hands. I like lentils, floss more regularly, learned how to be more emotionally ...

Post- Magazine

notes on the possibility of home [lifestyle]

My head fits into the groove between my mother’s shoulder and neck as though I was born out of her collarbone, and I often wonder how where I come from decides where I go. I am shaped so strongly by the spaces to which I belong—places are sculptors, and I am their stone to chisel— and yet, I struggle ...

Untitled Artwork
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spooled [narrative]

Sun streams in through the dirty windshield of my green Subaru. I prop up my knee as I drive, and if my mother saw me, she’d be upset. But you are the one in the passenger seat next to me, twiddling with my phone to pick a song on our nine-minute drive to Michael’s. 

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lessons from number theory [lifestyle]

The “fun fourth class” is a coveted space in the Brown undergrad’s schedule. As high schoolers, we were forced to churn out a couple hundred words on the importance of the Open Curriculum. Whether or not you’re living out college as your high school self said you would, you’ve likely taken ...

driveaway dolls
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a parody of patriarchy [A&C]

My friend and I were, of course, both delighted to see Pedro Pascal's face grace the screen when we settled in our seats to watch Ethan Coen’s recent film Drive-Away Dolls. We subsequently experienced the same reaction as we watched his character get brutally, almost cartoonishly, killed off in a ...

restful rhythms kaitlyn stanton.png
Post- Magazine

restful rhythms [lifestyle]

Work culture consumes us. Our Google Calendars are piled with one event after another. Our days pass in a flash. Amidst this relentless pursuit of productivity, resting is often conflated with laziness. A few weeks ago, on a long drive back to Providence, my friends and I listened to a podcast by The ...

i'm trying to tell you
Post- Magazine

i'm trying to tell you [A&C]

I walked with a friend into a wooded area behind Young Orchard, my heart beating too fast from hearing seven people talk about internships for an hour. I don’t smoke, but watching my friend smoke a cigarette had a vicariously calming effect on me. I kicked around a stick and took deep breaths as they ...

knowing love
Post- Magazine

knowing love [feature]

It is May of 1981. Tempo Magazine, one of Indonesia’s largest weekly newspapers, has just published an article about a wedding. “Their affections for one another are a little excessive, even in front of all their guests,” the author writes, seemingly amused. “Bonnie is pinching their ‘husband’s’ ...

Note to Self.jpg
Post- Magazine

note to self [lifestyle]

The trope of memory loss in media, though overused, has always fascinated and frightened me. The idea of losing your memories—the very things that make  you the person you are—and becoming completely unaware of your identity in an instant sounds terrifying.

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saving it for a rainy day [narrative]

I used to think rain wasn't real. Growing up in Los Angeles, famous for its year-long summer, a rainy day was a special occasion. Rain sparked a butterfly effect with far-ranging consequences—from causing distressed drivers to lose all coordination to inspiring elated jubilation from all the young ...

the first snow.PNG
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the first snow [narrative]

I make a precise fold in half. I repeat with the same scrutiny, the same exactness, the same force, again and again. With a pair of safety scissors whose unused blades glimmer in my intent eyes, I calculate a snippet of the corner: Four thin, white triangles swirl down into my lap. Another cut at the ...

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