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Science & Research

New worm models offer insight into ALS degeneration

Brown researchers studying the degeneration of neurons in worm models with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis recently found that different types of neurons undergo different mechanisms of decay. Their paper focused on developing models to study how the SOD1 gene, which is associated with ALS, affects neurons ...

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Science & Research

Science & Research Roundup, Oct. 5

Laser scan reveals massive ancient Mayan civilization in Guatemala At first glance, it could be easy to dismiss a patch in the Guatemalan jungle as just trees and plants. But after extensive analysis of a region spanning more than 2,100 square kilometers, a team of researchers has discovered an expansive ...

Science & Research

VP of Research grows office’s influence

In the year since Professor of Mathematics Jill Pipher was named vice president for research, her office has undergone a series of developments including the creation of the Office for Industry Engagement and Commercial Venturing, headed by Executive Director Daniel Behr. Pipher has also participated ...

Science & Research

Hyundai, University tackle research challenge

On Sept. 10, the submissions portal for the Hyundai Visionary Challenge opened exclusively to University students, alums and teaching faculty members. The competition centers around three main themes: biology-inspired mobility, digital phenotyping and human-machine partnerships, according to the HVC ...

Science & Research

Kenneth Miller ’70 dissects free will in new book

What began as a debate in 1981 between Professor of Biology Kenneth Miller ’70 and scientific creationist Henry Morris has evolved into the publication of a biology textbook, appearances on television programs, involvement in court cases and the publication of books such as “Finding Darwin’s God” ...

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Science & Research

Study links brain processes involved in learning

Reinforcement learning — a process during which humans alter their behavior as they learn which behaviors yield the best results — and working memory — which allows people to optimize decision-making by keeping track of previous actions and their consequences — appear to be two separate modes ...

Science & Research

Fair educates community on brain science

Housed in the recently opened Engineering Research Center, the Brown Brain Fair welcomed more than 800 attendees to learn more about brain sciences Saturday. Organized by the nonprofit Cure Alliance for Mental Illness, the event was part of the third annual Brain Week Rhode Island, which aims to raise ...

Science & Research

CIT to create more labs, public space

As part of ongoing efforts to expand the University’s computer science resources and facilities, the first floor of the Thomas J. Watson Sr. Center for Information Technology will be renovated this summer. The changes, first announced at the CS Town Hall in January 2018,will move Computing and Information ...

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Science & Research

Researchers receive grant to record neural activity

Funded by a grant of up to $19 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the University will lead an international team of scientists to create an implantable wireless brain interface system. The project aims to develop a system able to record neural activity at an unprecedented level ...

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