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Science & Research

Science & Research

Researchers examine gut microbiome, Vitamin A

Researchers at the University and the University of Washington have found new ways that vitamin homeostasis and bacteria in the gut microbiome can help protect their hosts from the spread of pathogens and help prevent inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s, according to a study published Dec. 18. The ...

Science & Research

Econ department ranks eighth in nation

The Department of Economics was ranked eighth in the country last month by the Research Papers in Economics, which bases its rankings on the number of times a department’s work is cited in research papers. The department’s ranking has fluctuated over the years but has recently trended upward. Professor ...

Science & Research

Researchers improve 3D printed biomaterials

University researchers recently published a study analyzing the material properties of alginate graphene oxide, which could lead to new developments in both cancer research and 3D printing technology for human organ printing. The team aims to simulate the environment in which tumors grow and use that ...

Science & Research

Government shutdown slows University science research

Since Dec. 22, the University and other research institutions have scrambled to adapt to the unprecedented political stalemate over the federal government shutdown, which has dried up funds for federally supported research projects and now threatens long-term scientific advancement across the nation. When ...

The Setonian
Science & Research

Study evaluates success of weight loss surgery

In an attempt to understand what makes some patients with obesity respond better to surgery than others, Professor and Chair of Epidemiology Alison Field and her team analyzed over 10,000 patients who received weight-loss surgery. They found that patients that binge ate were able to lose weight more ...


Schmidt '21: Bridging the research gap for STEM students

If you are a STEM concentrator at Brown, research is key. The sooner an undergraduate gets into research, the better and more competitive their resume will be. To students either deciding sophomore spring they want to concentrate in STEM without any prior research experience, or students who come from ...

Science & Research

Computer science department plans expansion

At a time when cybersecurity, machine learning and artificial intelligence deeply influence the economy and public debate, more students are flocking to the University’s Department of Computer Science. After half a decade of steady increases in enrollment, the department is taking new steps to respond ...

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