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Science & Research

Science & Research Roundup, April 5

Study sheds light on ALS development, potential treatment options An international team of researchers, including Thomas Serre, associate professor of CLPS, Justin Fallon, professor of medical science, Amanda Duffy GS, PhD candidate in the neuroscience department, and Youssef Barhomi, research assistant ...

Science & Research

University studies postpartum depression program

Postpartum depression, experienced by one in seven mothers in the United States, is more than twice as common among low-income women, according to a press release from Michigan State University. Researchers from Michigan State and the University are now studying how a program shown to help prevent postpartum ...

The Setonian
Science & Research

Study links brain processes involved in learning

Reinforcement learning — a process during which humans alter their behavior as they learn which behaviors yield the best results — and working memory — which allows people to optimize decision-making by keeping track of previous actions and their consequences — appear to be two separate modes ...

Science & Research

Grad students research adhesion

In the field of engineering, there are several forces that scientists have to deal with when building structures or creating devices. One such force, adhesion— the attraction between two surfaces that can lead them to stick together — is particularly important on the microscale level. Because surfaces ...

Science & Research

Faculty spanning many departments receive Seed awards

Faculty from a variety of departments representing diverse projects received the 2018 Research Seed Awards. Since 2003, The Office of the Vice President for Research has been distributing these awards to faculty members with promising new ideas, said Amy Carroll, director of research development. The ...

Science & Research

EQUiSat to launch into space May 9

Since its conception nearly seven years ago, a continuously revolving group of University undergraduates has been diligently working to send a satellite into space. Now, as May 9 draws closer, the group of over 200 past and current students and faculty can find catharsis as the EQUiSat will finally ...

Science & Research

Report explores solutions to encryption debate

In the wake of the 2015 San Bernardino terror attack, the nation witnessed a new and unfamiliar debate when the FBI — in possession of the shooter’s encrypted iPhone 5c — tried to compel Apple to provide “exceptional access” to the phone’s encrypted contents. While national dialogue surrounding ...

Science & Research

Fair educates community on brain science

Housed in the recently opened Engineering Research Center, the Brown Brain Fair welcomed more than 800 attendees to learn more about brain sciences Saturday. Organized by the nonprofit Cure Alliance for Mental Illness, the event was part of the third annual Brain Week Rhode Island, which aims to raise ...

Science & Research

New research aims to improve solar panels

According to a recent study by University researchers, a new material called Cesium Titanium (IV) Bromide can replace lead in a specific type of solar panel. The study’s goal is not necessarily to replace commonly used silicon solar cells, but to create environmentally stable and conscious solar cells ...

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