With a packed schedule from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., President Christina Paxson says she always tries to make time to talk to students.

For Paxson, presidency both challenges and inspires

April 21, 2014 33 comments

As President Christina Paxson sat down for lunch with the Student Athletic Advisory Board at her house, she encouraged her guests to drive the conversation.

Retiring Theater and Performing Arts Professor Lowry Marshall has taught Pulitzer Prize winners and Tony-nominated actors.

TAPS professor takes final bow after 28 years

April 10, 2014 0 comments

Lowry Marshall moved about her cluttered office, highlighting the several photographs and promotional posters that adorn it.

Major illness diagnoses erode student life balance

April 4, 2014 4 comments

Surrounded by three doctors, with his family living on the other side of the globe, Robert Lee ’17 was incredulous when he received his diagnosis.

Motor City Exchange invests in Detroit’s revitalization

April 3, 2014 0 comments

While most Brown students scramble to find summer internships, a few are venturing to a city where job prospects seem slim: Detroit.

With a limestone facade and one of only four rotundas on campus, Marston Hall stands as a classic example of American Renaissance architecture.

Marston endures at center of Science Park

April 3, 2014 0 comments

Amid Brown’s hub of brick and concrete science buildings lies an odd gem.

Twins Jessi Haddad ‘16.5 and Nikki Haddad ’16 return to their roots, seeking to define Jewish identity through vignettes on “Jews of Brown.”

‘Jews of Brown’ celebrates cultural diversity online

March 20, 2014 0 comments

Using a photo and quotes to spotlight students who identify as Jewish, the page currently has 628 likes and garners anywhere from 40 to 130 likes per photo.

John Lee Beatty ’70 designed the sets for “Mothers and Sons,” which opens on Broadway March 24.

John Lee Beatty ’70: Brown to Broadway

March 17, 2014 0 comments

Tony-award winning scenic designer John Lee Beatty ’70 could not tell you the number of Broadway sets he has constructed.

Facing anxiety at the laidback Ivy

Facing anxiety at the laidback Ivy

March 14, 2014 4 comments

“I just want you to know that if I die right now, I love you.”

Harkness House has housed a number of fraternities and student groups throughout the years, including Social Dorm and Technology House.

Harkness, a history: Wriston’s varied past

March 12, 2014 7 comments

The quirky Harkness House and surrounding dormitories have been home and hub to student life ever since former President Henry Wriston’s campus overhaul.

‘Sign guy’ says goodbye to R.I. following eight years of service

‘Sign guy’ says goodbye to R.I. following eight years of service

March 7, 2014 0 comments

Ivins arrived at the First Baptist Church in America on North Main Street in February 2006 and preached there for eight years before recently retiring.