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Nick Hagerty ’10: Academic Inequality

April 13, 2009 Comments are Disabled

But since faculty turnover can proceed even more slowly than a UCS meeting, here are two proposals that could improve undergraduate academics at Brown in the meantime.  Brown, like all colleges, likes to cite numbers on average class size.


Andrea Matthews ’11: Brown’s brain drain

April 13, 2009 Comments are Disabled

In a few weeks, about a quarter of our population will process out of the Van Wickle Gates and into the real world.


Editorial Cartoon 4/13/09

April 13, 2009 Comments are Disabled

Letters to the Editor

Letter: We hope you got that free first-class upgrade

April 13, 2009 Comments are Disabled

While Staehelin is right to lament low student participation, he is wrong to assume a dearth of student interest. What he fails to mention is the lack of University resources supporting students’ pursuits of such opportunities, which often entail significant costs.


Ratledge ’11: Hey, Senator! Leave them kids alone!

April 9, 2009 Comments are Disabled

For 1,700 poor elementary school students in Washington, D.C., the best chance for a quality education ended last week. Despite entreaties from Education Secretary Arne Duncan and even President Barack Obama himself, the Senate used the omnibus spending bill to eliminate the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program by the 2009-10 school year.


Anthony Staehelin ’10: Frat life no ‘Animal House’

March 6, 2009 Comments are Disabled

This past Tuesday night, some underclassmen went to Wayland Arch and turned in their bid cards, thereby taking the first step towards becoming a Greek brother or sister. Although Greek life at Brown is noticeably less prominent than at many other schools, Brown does have somewhat of a Greek presence with fraternities, sororities and co-ed houses, also known as frarorities.


Anthony Staehelin ’10: The ‘Brown student’ shows up at the Janus Forum lecture

February 28, 2009 Comments are Disabled

Last Thursday, the Janus Forum hosted a lecture around the question: “Are there universal human rights?” As is usual for Janus Forum lectures, the talk involved two speakers with opposing views.


Anthony Staehelin ’10: What we’re really thankful for on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2009 Comments are Disabled

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day! It’s one of the most commercial and seemingly ubiquitous holidays of the year, with every store from Whole Foods to CVS decorating its shelves with pink and red hearts. It’s also a remarkable day because it affects almost everyone – some people will spend a romantic evening with their significant other, others will stay home with a tub of ice cream and a pile of DVDs and still others will spend the evening in a totally normal way, apparently unaware of the holiday… at least until they wake up the next day to an angry boyfriend or girlfriend!


Anthony Staehelin ’10: Resolutions for 2009 (or at least January)

January 22, 2009 Comments are Disabled

Ahhh, New Year’s! The transition to a new year seems, as it always does, like the perfect opportunity to kick the bad habits we’ve been meaning to shed for some time. The first of January is that liberating day when we just start afresh, kind of like the reboot button on a computer.