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Commencement Magazine 2013

What a lark! What a plunge! these past four years have been. We've gone up to the roof of Metcalf to watch the sunrise and down to the SciLi basement to pull all-nighters. There are risks we wish we'd taken; nights we try to forget. Some of us never want to leave. Some of us know that it's time. But overall, it's been a blast. This weekend, the class of 2013 will step off College Hill and scatter in different directions — toward jobs, graduate school, unemployment and the unknown. We'll miss you, Brown. But we know that the friendships and the memories we've made and the lessons we've learned will last far beyond the Van Wickle Gates.

— The 122nd Editorial Board

In memoriam: Avi Schaefer

Family, friends and faculty members still remember Schaefer, a former member of the class of 2013, vividly as a transformative member of the Brown community.

U. aims to expand professional schools

The University is continuing its expansion as President Christina Paxson finalizes her long-term strategic plan.

Divest Coal urges U. to make first move

Brown Divest Coal looks to University administrators to divest from financial investments in coal companies.

After 16 years, R.I. legalizes same-sex marriage

A signature from Gov. Lincoln Chafee ’75 P’14 May 2 concluded a 16-year-long journey to legalize same-sex marriage in Rhode Island.

Editor's Note

We’ll miss you, Brown. But we know that the friendships and the memories we’ve made and the lessons we’ve learned will last far beyond the Van Wickle Gates.

Senior Orator: Tanayott Thaweethai

Tanayott Thaweethai ’13 came to Brown hoping to explore the perspectives of students from all over the world and embrace the freedom of the New Curriculum.

Senior Orator: Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth Mills ’13.5 said her Brown experience has been shaped by her love of teaching — the challenge of it and its humbling effects.

Senior Survey

The Herald surveyed outgoing seniors about a range of topics including Brown experiences, academics, sex, post-graduation plans, and favorite memories.

Voices of 2013

Samer Muallem: The ‘funny guy’

How could I not expect the interviewer to mention comedy when it had clearly been such a big part of my college career?

David Scofield: Stop-Start education

I hope to carry with me the spirit of focused vulnerability from debate, and from Mr. Richards’ carpool, wherever I go.

Joanna Lustig: For Bruno and for Brown

I started my journey as a wide-eyed freshman who responded to the call of “Join the Brown Band” with, “Don’t worry, I pretty much already have.”

Gabe Schwartz: Educated and agitated

Rathna and I were born months apart but continents apart in distance, social and literal.

Mike Makowsky: Skirting the shark

In the midst of senior year my show was in a creative rut.

Michael Stewart: Other Michael Stewart

Weeks before I drove up to Providence for freshman orientation, I decided that I was going to change my name.

Tony Mantegani: Just pull harder

Over the past four years, I have spent countless hours working out in the boathouse and rowing on the Seekonk River in pursuit of perfection.

Clayton Aldern: Beak of the lab rat

I’m all set for grad school. Graduation is still terrifying. There’s plenty of room at the bottom.

Anthony White: The institutional activist

When I first heard of UCS, I was hesitant and skeptical after a lackluster high school student government experience.

Cory Abbe: Proud to be a recruit

For the first time in my life, people assumed I was dumber than them solely because I played a sport.

Caroline King: Last semester travels

Whack! I wake up groggily as my head bounces off the window of our Jeep, and we drive over a hole in the road.

Raillan Brooks: Dear Brown

This is the letter I should have written to the admission office when I was a wayward 19-year-old transfer applicant.

Zoe Chaves: My service, myself

My doctor’s service is what led me to Brown. My service is what will lead me forward as I graduate from Brown, step by step through the Van Wickle Gates.

Pierre Arreola: Querer, es poder

I came to Brown on a mission to uplift my community back home.

Brette Ragland: Sleepless in Strasberg

Unlike the traditional SciLi or Rock late-night study sessions, my all-nighters have been spent in the theater.

Sarah Forman: Rite of passage

I didn’t come to Brown to study or practice religion.

Gladys Ndagire: Engineer-anthropologist

No one asks me how or why I came up with such a quirky combination because it is assumed, inaccurately, that I must have put a lot of thought into it.