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Staff List, Summer 2021


Kayla Guo 
President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Editor-in-Chief, The Herald

Henry Dawson
Vice President, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
Managing Editor, The Herald

Noah Colón 
Treasurer, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald

Michael Wang
Secretary, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc.
General Manager, The Herald


Editor-in-Chief: Kayla Guo

Managing Editor: Henry Dawson

Managing Editor: Li Goldstein

Senior Editor: Kamran King

Senior Editor: Kate Ok

Senior Editor: Emily Teng

Senior Editor: Emilija Sagaityte 

Section Editors

post-: Olivia Howe

University News: Jack Borris, Livia Gimenes, Caroline Nash, Caelyn Pender, Sarah Wang

Metro: Katie Chen, Ben Glickman, Julia Grossman, Benjamin Pollard

Science and Research: Marlene Goetz, Rahma Ibrahim

Arts & Culture: Nicholas Michael

Sports: Ryan Handel


Opinions Editors: Jordan Allums, Johnny Ren, Krista Stapleford

Editorial Page Board: Amanda Brynn, Lola Olabode, Vicky PhanKrista StaplefordDylan Tian

Multimedia and Production

Design Editors: Keelin Lyons, Ashley Chung

Graphics Editor: Usha Bhalla

Head Photo Editors: Areez Khan, Nicole Kim 

Podcast Coordinator: Olivia Burdette 

Illustrations Editor: Loki Olin

Head of Social Media: Isabel Inadomi

Director of Technology: Jed Fox

Copy Desk Chief: Catherine Healy 


General Managers: Noah Colón, Michael Wang


Sales: Annika Sigfstead

Finance: Isabelle Towle, Sid Somasi

Strategy: Spencer Schultz

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