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In recent efforts to increase gun control, Rhode Island Congress passed a gun prohibition bill supported by the governor and attorney general.

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State poised to ban 3-D-printed guns, ‘ghost guns’

February 27, 2020 4 comments

In the first six weeks of the 2020 Legislative Session, both chambers of the Rhode Island General Assembly passed bills which outlaw 3-D-printed guns and other untraceable or undetectable firearms, better known as ‘ghost guns.’

Researchers at Rhode Island Hospital have begun using 3D technology — such as the HoloLens and Oculus Rift — to incorporate virtual reality imaging into their treatment and education practices.

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R.I. Hospital utilizes 3D, Augmented, Virtual Reality

January 28, 2020 0 comments

A team of researchers at the Rhode Island Hospital has incorporated and reimagined the way 3D technology, virtual reality and augmented reality can be used in medical settings.

In a new study, researchers analyzed alginate graphene oxide and assessed its potential for use in organ 3D printing. They further suggested its relevance to cancer immunotherapies, drug delivery and tissue engineering.

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Researchers improve 3D printed biomaterials

January 30, 2019 0 comments

University researchers recently published a study analyzing the material properties of alginate graphene oxide, which could lead to new developments in both cancer research and 3D printing technology for human organ printing.

To illustrate the impacts of head injuries, Ollin Venegas MD’20 constructed this model of the brain by molding it  from a ballistics gel solution in a skull.

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Medical student creates 3D brain model

September 6, 2018 0 comments

Neurosurgeons could one day thank Ollin Venegas’ MD’20  presentation to high school students for allowing them to create detailed brain models of their patients.