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Visiting campus allowed Eyal Press ‘92 to engage with first-year students, who were assigned to read his book, “Beautiful Souls,” this summer before arriving on campus.


Author of first readings assignment speaks on courage

September 19, 2013 0 comments

Eyal Press ’92, author of “Beautiful Souls,” discusses his book with students at a series of events held on campus.

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Dennis selected as deputy dean of the college

June 26, 2013 3 comments

In his new role, Dennis will oversee advising and implement strategic planning initiatives.

In an effort to increase accessibility, the English department has widened its concentration requirements, no longer requiring specific classes.

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English department shifts requirements

April 25, 2013 0 comments

The department is replacing specific class requirements with classes in focus areas.

Poll: First-years come prepared for academic success

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Poll: First-years come prepared for academic success

April 24, 2013 0 comments
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Professors said Brown first-years are consistently equipped to adapt to college learning.

The number of neuroscience concentrators has risen steadily in the last 20 years, reflecting the University‘s growing focus on brain sciences research.

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Neuroscience grows as U. emphasizes brain science research

April 5, 2013 1 comment
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As a relatively new field, neuroscience has attracted interest both nationally and on campus.

The growth of students concentrating in economics has put a strain on department resources, said Department Chair Robert Serrano.

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Economics sees growing pains as students look for ‘marketable skills’

April 5, 2013 0 comments
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Students perceive econ and applied math-economics as degrees with job security.

This interactive visualization displays the data for concentrations completed at Brown from 1984 to 2012, obtained by The Herald from the Office of Institutional Research.

The visualization starts in the “line” mode, which plots each concentration with a solid line.

The “area” mode stacks the data, allowing you to see more clearly trends involving related concentrations. 

The thickness of a colored band in a given year is proportional to the number of degrees completed in the concentration that year.  

In both modes, click on the name of a concentration once to see the data for that concentration alone. Click on it a second time to see all the data. If you hover over the concentration name, its line will remain highlighted. 

Click on checkmarks for multiple concentrations to see those concentrations together.

(Interactive graphic by Herald Data Science Contributor Marvin Arroz and Data Science Editor Andersen Chen.)

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Top 10 concentrations claim over half of students

April 5, 2013 3 comments
This article is part of the series Concentration Trends

Economics, biological sciences and international relations lead most popular fields.

The integrative courses would likely be taken during students’ first two years, emphasizing medical applications of introductory science courses.

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PLME to offer alternative to traditional pre-med courses

March 19, 2013 7 comments

The optional two-course sequence will emphasize biology while integrating physics and chemistry.

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Amidst test anxiety, some profs turn to alternatives

March 15, 2013 2 comments

Smaller collaborative learning environments can be an option for overwhelmed students.


Taking Sides: Are the humanities in danger?

March 15, 2013 0 comments

Moffet ’13 and Gianotti ’13 spar over whether the humanities are dying out.