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Topic: central falls

Protestors gathered outside the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls in anticipation of yesterday’s vote, which was postponed due to “concerns” of the facility’s board. The vote concerns a proposed forbearance agreement with UMB Bank.

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Vote on Wyatt Facility agreement postponed

September 17, 2019 Comments are Disabled

The board overseeing the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility postponed a highly anticipated vote on the facility’s future over unspecified “concerns,” before closing its meeting to the public Monday evening.

The proposed agreement between the Wyatt and UMB Bank would contractually bind the facility to continue its partnership with ICE.

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“Which side are you on?”: Protesters shut down Wyatt Detention Facility board meeting

September 16, 2019 Comments are Disabled

On Friday night, hundreds of protesters shut down a board meeting at the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility that was scheduled to discuss a proposed “forbearance” agreement.

Central Falls Mayor James Diossa, along with members of his administration and community groups, protested the detainments at the Wyatt Facility.

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Bondholders sue detention facility for ending ICE contract

April 11, 2019 Comments are Disabled

The implications of President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy have reached Rhode Island, where the Central Falls Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility is in the midst of a legal battle over its several-weeks-long detainment of 133 asylum seekers.